Super Easy DIY Christmas Cards That Everyone Will Love

snowman card

To show someone how much you care, make them a super cute DIY Christmas card! From really simple ones to fancy ones, handmade Christmas cards are the sweetest accompaniment to a gift. To anyone you’re giving a gift to, attaching a handmade Christmas card with it, will surely be loved. The best part of making your own Christmas cards is getting to personalize them and make a special and unique one for every person that you hand one to. We’ve got a few cards that are very easy to make and that can be given to people of all ages.


christmas cards

  • Gingerbread Man card: Materials needed- A square-shaped white card, gingerbread man-shaped cut-outs on brown paper and a little bow and heart-shaped cut-outs on red paper and a black felt pen.

To make this card, stick one brown gingerbread man cut-out on the centre of the white card. Using the black felt pen, draw on eyes and a smile. You can stick the bow as a headband or as a tie and the little hearts as buttons on their torso. You can write ‘Merry Christmas’ below the Gingerbread Man.

  • Twine Wreath Picture Card: Materials needed- A white card, twine, buttons, a red ribbon, red washi tape, a green felt pen and a picture with the person you are giving the card to.

For this card, start by making a wreath out of the twine that you have. Cut the twine into pieces and glue them together and then stick this to the centre of the card. Then, in the middle of the wreath, stick the picture of you and the person you are giving the card to. Then stick the buttons as baubles on the wreath. At the bottom of the wreath, stick the red bow. As borders for the card, use the red washi tape and finish the card by writing ‘Merry Christmas’ above the wreath using the green felt pen.

  • Happy Holidays card: Materials needed- A white card, red and green paint and black felt pens.

At the centre of the card, draw a box with the black felt pen and in it write ‘Happy Holidays’. Around it, draw leaves, flowers and berries. Paint the leaves in green and flowers and berries in red.

  • Button Snowman Card: Materials needed- A brown card, 3 white buttons in different sizes, cut-out of a black hat, red and green sketch pens, silver star stickers and a red and white string.

snowman card

Start this card by glueing on the 3 white buttons, from smallest to biggest, on the brown card. Tie the string into a bow and stick it under the first button as a scarf. Glue on the black hat at the top and draw on a leaf in green and berries in red. Decorate this card by sticking on silver stickers in the background and writing ‘Warm Wishes’

  • Holly Card: Materials needed- A white card and green, red, black and brown felt pens.

For this card, draw a circle with the brown pen and then draw a holly on it using green for the leaves and red for the berries. In the centre of the holly, write ‘Have a Holly Jolly Christmas’

  • Quilled Card: Materials needed- a light brown card, black and red felt pens, red, green, yellow and orange quilling paper.

Using the red quilling paper, make a flower. Using the green quilling paper, make 8 leaves. Using the yellow quilling paper, make 2 candles and using the orange quilling paper, make 2 candle flames. On the card, first, stick the red flower in the centre. On both, its sides, stick 4 leaves each. Above the card, stick the 2 candles. Below this, write ‘Season’s Greetings’

  • Grinch Card: Materials needed- a white card, red and green paint, red washi tape, white cotton and green felt pen.

It’s a super cute card that a child can make. First, paint the palm of your hand green and your fingers red and put your handprint at the bottom centre of the card. Draw on the grinch’s eyes and a smile in black. Stick white cotton above the head and above the fingers. Use the washi tape as borders and write ‘Merry Grinchmas’ in green above the grinch.

  • Christmas Handprint Card: Materials needed- A card in the shape of a hand, white cotton, googly eyes, one red pom-pom, brown paint

First, paint Santa’s face using brown paint, on the palm of the hand and the thumb and top of the face in red. Then stick the white cotton above the face. On the nail part of the thumb and at the bottom of the face- as Santa’s moustache. At the centre of the moustache, stick the red pom-pom and above that, the googly eyes. On the inside of the card you can write ‘Tis’ the Season to be Jolly!’

Each of these cards can be personalized based on who you are giving it to. So, get crafty and creative and have fun!