Top 10 Netflix shows you must watch if you love crime thrillers

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Top 10 Netflix shows you must watch if you love crime thrillers –  Are you bored of the daily humdrum of life? Returning back home after a hard day of work and not just flipping through TV channels, not knowing what to watch? Then let us help you add some excitement in your free evenings! 

Whether you are a single person looking for an entertaining evening or a couple hoping for an exciting date night, crime thrillers are your one-stop for a guaranteed good time. Not only will they keep you at the edge of the seat with crime mystery, they will also give you a sure bout of adrenaline rush with all the thriller action! And to make sure you have a great time with crime thrillers, we’ll recommend you only the best of them! 

Top 10 Netflix shows you must watch if you love crime thrillers

Breaking bad 

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We need to start with the classics and breaking bad reigns on the top when it comes to crime thrillers. If you haven’t already watched this show, then you are either living under a rock or are just too busy in your life. In either case, we really suggest you find time to watch this show! Many viewers have called breaking bad life-changing, and it can be that for you too! 

The plot of breaking bad is all about the humble beginnings of Walter White going from a chemistry teacher to a meth kingpin. As unbelievable as that sounds, the show really made its viewers believe that’s exactly what happened. Bryan Cranston played his role as the leading man with perfection, and just for his performance as Walter White, you need to check out breaking bad! 

Money heist 

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Heists make for great crime thrillers, and this heist is possibly the wildest one you’ve ever imagined. Most heists are about stealing some ancient artifact or robbing a bank. But Money Heist takes it a step further. Why rob a bank when you can just take over the money mint? 

That’s right, this Spanish show created by Álex Pina is about taking control of the Spanish royal mint itself and print billions of banknotes that cannot be traced back in ten days. Sounds absolutely crazy, right? The members of this heist are even crazier. But the mastermind behind it all is a man named Professor (played by Àlavro Morte), who is the true star of this show. Want to see if they can pull off this money-minting heist? Then tune into Money Heist on your Netflix right now!

The sinner

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Most crime shows are about finding who committed the crime and how they did it. But what if there’s a show out there that will tell you who did the deed in the first episode of the season itself? Where’s the thrill in that, you may think? Well, the sinner is all about finding why a crime was done by the criminal.

This novel concept is what makes this show such a hit among crime lovers. This show deals with the personal demons of people who commit crimes, exploring why they did it by piecing together their psychology profile. If you are interested in the human psyche and getting to know just why some humans can go so far in things they do, the sinner is the show for you!

Peaky blinders

peaky blinders cast

This show is has something for everyone. It has romance for the romantic hearts, action for the action lovers, and drama for those who thrive in it. But does this show qualify as a crime thriller? Absolutely yes! 

The show is set in the post-World War I period in the city of Birmingham. The men are finally beginning to return back from the great war and the Shelby family is looking to rise up from being a common street gang to a full criminal empire. At the helm of this family is Tommy Shelby played by the dreamy Cillian Murphy. But will Tommy be able to achieve his ambition while the police are hot on his heels? You have to watch Peaky blinders to find out! 

Better call Saul 

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If you have finally gotten around to watch Breaking Bad, you definitely must remember the scummy mob lawyer, Saul Goodman in it. But did you ever wonder how he ended up as an apathetic lawyer who has no scruples representing guilty criminals in court? Then this prequel show has all the answers for you! 

Better call Saul traces back the journey of Saul Goodman from a struggling attorney to a flourishing mob lawyer. The show really highlights how circumstances and loose ethics can push a man from just being a simple conman to a criminal. If you want to see how Saul Goodman became the man he is in Breaking bad, you need to watch Better Call Saul! 


marcella with text on the right corner

It is criminal how underrated this show is. Marcella is possibly among the best crime thriller series Netflix has to offer. What’s even more amazing is that this genius show was directed, written, and produced by one man, Hans Rosenfeldt. You have to watch Marcella just to marvel at this his brilliance! 

Marcella revolves around the life of the detective DS Marcella who has finally returned to the Murder squad of Metropolitan police after seven years of maternity break. What’s even worse, the serial killer she was previously after is back again and it’s up to her to catch them. With a stressful situation back in her personal life and a serial killer to go after, can Marcella win this cat and mouse game? You have to watch Marcella find out! But fair warning, be prepared for all the plot twists as this show is full of them! 

The stranger 

The stranger is new in the list of crime thriller shows Netflix has. And yet it has managed to get a place in the hall of fame! Created by Red production company with eight episodes, this series is a small but impactful package of thrilling entertainment for any weekend Netflix binge.

The show starts with a complete stranger walking up to the leading man Adam Price (Played by Richard Armitage) and telling him a secret. But the secret is so devastating that it breaks up his family, ending with his wife mysteriously disappearing. Now it’s up to Adam to find his wife while keeping his family and sanity together. Just who is this stranger and how do they know all the secrets? Watch The stranger on Netflix and find out!


Can you imagine a normal American family ending up as money launderers for a drug cartel? That’s exactly what happens in Ozark when a man called Marty Byrde bites off more than he can chew with the Mexican drug cartel he was working with. Swimming in debt, he relocates his whole family to a resort where he and his family work off to pay his debts and become free of the Mexican cartel trailing behind him. But instead, he ends up catching the attention of even more dangerous players. 

With its complex premise and refreshing grey characters, Ozark is among the most critically acclaimed crime thriller series. We can say with confidence that Ozark is among the best originals Netflix has, and definitely a crime thriller you shouldn’t miss watching!

Jessica Jones

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One wouldn’t expect Marvel cinematic universe to deliver a gritty and dark crime thriller series. But that’s exactly what they did with Jessica Jones. Even though the series is based on a comic, it is still very much rooted in ground reality and makes its viewers hanging on suspense and anxiety as to what will happen next. 

The show is about Jessica Jones, a retired superhero who is now working as a detective. But even her detective life is brought to a stop when a past enemy, the mind controller Kilgrave shows up. But this time Jessica Jones is not alone and is ready to face the villain who forced her to retire from her superhero life. The only question is how much she’ll lose this time. Unlike the vanilla movies of the MCU, Jessica Jones will leave you stunned with its unraveling of dark human nature.


you series collage

You might have a strange show title, but it has taken the show ratings by storm. Among the top-ranked show on Netflix, You has been watched worldwide by many and you are seriously missing out if you still haven’t jumped on the You train. 

The show’s premise is fairly simple. Joe ( played by Penn Badgley) is a young man working at a library looking for love. While his quirky thoughts might make you think of him as a weird but charming man, he is a murdering sociopath behind the shiny veneer of his handsome face. And what’s his motivation to murder multiple people in cold blood? Is it the woman he loves or his own depraved need to control her? You brilliantly deconstruct the idea of a “nice guy” trope and warns us of the dangers of trusting anyone blindly.

collage of best netflix tv shows

While there are even more crime thrillers out there, these are definitely the best among them. We hope you’ll have a great weekend watching them. Whether you watch the classic breaking bad or the latest series on the list, just know that you will have a great time either way. We wish you happy Netflix binging!