Top 20 Insanely Cool Christmas Decor Ideas To Impress Your Family And Friends

Got friends and family coming over for Christmas and want to impress them with the most insanely cool Christmas décor? Don’t worry, we’ve got just what you need! Keep scrolling for the top 20 most insanely cool Christmas décor ideas!


Make a Snowman Christmas Tree:

Buy a white Christmas tree and keep it on white cotton to make it look like snow. Decorate it like a snowman by sticking a white ball at the top and painting on eyes and a smile. Stick on a baby carrot for its nose. Stick twigs to both sides of the tree and put red oven mittens on each. Finish this look by putting a black hat on its head, a red scarf around its neck, and black boots under the tree.

Set up a Vintage Christmas train set:

Vintage Christmas train sets are gorgeous. Assemble one around the foot of your Christmas tree. Make it look even better by keeping mini Christmas trees in the middle, mini houses, and figurines of people and animals. For fake snow, you can put white cotton at the base.

Hang a Novelty sign:

Make a little candy corner in your kitchen and put up a novelty sign that says ‘Candy cane Lane’ above it. This is super cute especially when you have kids coming over.

DIY Hot Chocolate Bar:

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? It’s definitely a favorite, especially in the winter season. Put up a wooden signboard that says, ‘Hot Cocoa Bar’ and a table below it with all the essentials- Christmas mugs, cocoa powder, mini marshmallows, stirrers, and a dispenser and decorate it with mini Christmas trees.

Make a Wooden ladder tree:

Keep a wooden step ladder and hang up string lights from side to side and hang up baubles and other Christmas tree ornaments. And keep a star at the top.

Hang up Wall wreaths:

If you have an open bookshelf, you can hang up 2-3 Christmas wreaths of different sizes with twine. Decorate them with mini baubles and hang up some lights. You can also keep a few ornaments on the shelf.

Make your Kitchen feel Christmassy too:

You can never have too many wreaths. Hang up Christmas wreaths on all your kitchen cabinets.

Stick Fresh fruits to your garland:

Hang up an evergreen garland above your fireplace and decorate it with fresh apples. It gives a fresh look.

Rustic themed Dining room:

For a rustic vibe, you can stick wood planks to your walls and have a wooden dining table set. For decorations, you can overturn some wooden boxes and keep mini Christmas tree ornaments, mason jar décor, and rustic centerpieces. You can also put up a rustic themed Christmas tree. And don’t forget to decorate your dining table with rustic Christmas table décor.

Countdown to Christmas ladder:

Lean a wooden ladder on your wall and hang up little crotchet squares with the number from 1-25 to countdown to Christmas. You can also put up string lights or festive ribbons on this.

Bring in the stars:

Hang up four to five paper, wire, and metal and wooden Christmas stars in front of your window along with fairy lights.

Snowflakes and Snowmen:

Using washable markers, draw little snowflakes, and snowmen on your mirrors. Whether they are in your living room, washroom, or bedroom. They’re cool and will make your Christmas mirror selfies even cooler!

Snowman out of gifts:

If you’ve bought gifts in square boxes, wrap them in the white paper. Then arrange 3 boxes, from the largest to the smallest, and stick on buttons for eyes and a smile and a carrot for the nose on the topmost one along with a black hat. On the middlebox, paint 3 black circles.

Wine Glasses:

Overturn a wine glass and have some white cotton in it for snow with a little snowman and Christmas tree figurine in it. On the bottom of the glass, stick on a red or white candle, and tie a gold ribbon to it.

Santa Claus Mugs:

In Santa Claus mugs, you can display potted plants.

Christmas vignettes:

Decorate a sideboard with Mini Christmas trees, a gingerbread house, and a few gift-wrapped books, all in wooden brown color. Add a snow globe and a snowman to complete the look.

Christmas card display board:

On a wall, put up a memo board and pin-up Christmas cards and photographs. Add string lights to make it look cool.


Make the coolest Christmas centerpiece by taking a natural wood slice and keeping a wine glass filled with pine cones, a mini Christmas tree, and a scented candle on it.

Grinch Themed washroom:

Make your washroom look like a scene from the grinch movie. Place a few green Christmas trees, grinch stockings, a mason jar with the grinch painted on it, and stick a few red bows.


Put up a rectangular mirror above your sideboard and make a wreath out of twigs and twine. Decorate your sideboard with a Nativity scene and many angels.

You will definitely impress everyone around you with these cool décor ideas. Have fun decorating!