Top Furniture Trends for the Upcoming Year that you Must Know

furniture in living room

Furniture is one of the essential items in our homes- especially in our living room, dining room, and bedrooms. Having the right piece of furniture can really transform a room. Whether you prefer unique, personalized and custom made furniture or finding furniture at stores that define your aesthetic, we have all the new trends of the coming year that you will absolutely love. 

Some of the new furniture trends for the coming year are listed below. Keep Scrolling! 

furniture in living room

Top Furniture Trends

  1. VINTAGE FURNITURE TREND: Millennials and Gen Z are trying to live their lives more sustainably. They are buying eco-friendly products more than ever before. Environmentalism is now a topic very much talked about. People have now started to turn away from shopping at large brands that make products in huge quantities as they have realized that every other person now owns the same products. Shopping at local stores and buying products from local manufacturers have given people the opportunity to have their homes personalised and custom-made, with things that cannot be found elsewhere. The furniture industry now promotes recycling and upholstery of old furniture. Vintage furniture is kind to the planet.
  2. BIOPHILIA: People have a huge interest in Biophilia. It connects humans to nature. This trend for furniture requires natural and organic materials to be used in your homes. Wooden shelves, sideboards and tables, chairs, and sofas made of cane and plant pot hangings made of rope are very ‘in-style’. For a society that’s so focused on technology, having some natural elements at home is quite important.
  3. NORDIC FURNITURE TREND: Scandinavian furniture has been in fashion for a while now and has been used by people all around the world. The Scandinavian style usually has white walls and décor in neutral colors. Textures used are mainly natural ones like stone and wood. You can have white or a pastel shade of any color for your sofas. Wooden TV stands are very popular. They usually have a few drawers for extra storage. Scandinavian lounge chairs and armchairs are also a must.
  4. WABI SABI: Wabi-sabi is finding beauty even in the imperfection of nature. It has a simple rustic and elegant vibe. This Japanese concept highlights finding beauty in the old and new. Furniture used in this trend is mainly articles that have been inherited from previous generations or things found at flea markets. DIY Projects and vintage projects are also included in this trend. A mix of textures, patterns, and colors that contrast with each other, look good together. The Japanese tradition loves imperfections. Old furniture that shows signs of aging is considered more beautiful. Cracks on broken items are fixed with silvery or gold joinery, and this new look looks lovelier than the original. Wabi-Sabi requires the home to be clutter-free, thus only having furniture that is absolutely essential. Recycled wooden furniture isn’t mass-produced and has a personalized touch to it. Large sideboards go well with dining tables. Also, add a statement piece of furniture that is in an earthly color.
  5. INDUSTRIAL FURNITURE TREND: Industrial themed homes have distinctive features like metal shelves, exposed brick walls, and exposed plumbing pipes. Dark tones are used for décor, not bright colors. Furniture is discrete, simple, and minimalistic. The main focus is on architecture. But the furniture used in this trend includes wooden dining tables, Black leather sofas with grey cushions, glass center tables, and metal shelves. 
  6. MODERN RUSTIC: The Modern Rustic theme emphasizes nature- using handmade items, recycled items, handicrafts that are made with natural items. The modern rustic look is known for having wooden or stone floors and beams or columns. Furniture is made of wood, iron, and stone, and other materials like rattan, bamboo, glass, clay, and paper can also be used along with it.
  7. JAPANDI FURNITURE TREND: Japandi interior design is a mix of Nordic and Japanese Styles. It is a hybrid trend that combines modern Scandinavian design with timeless Japanese aesthetics. Although both styles come from different parts of the world, the principles they follow are the same. Both are minimalistic and create defined spaces. Get a neutral sofa set. Decorate your sofas with throw pillows. Get dark wooden furniture and keep it in front of a light wooden wall. It adds depth to your room. Paper lampshades add natural contrast. Keep ceramic bowls and vases on your sideboards.
  8. STATEMENT FURNITURE: Statement furniture never goes out of style. It’s chic and cool. It includes colorful curved sofas and upholstered furnishings. Center tables inspired by French art or made with marble tops. Moroccan pouf can also be put.

As you can see, many trends do require you to have wooden furniture. Natural elements like wood and stone have gotten much more popular over the last few years. 

Also, keeping sustainability in mind when getting furniture is important. Try to be as eco-friendly as you can be. Decorate your home with many plants.