Top ten shows on SONY LIV that will keep you glued to your seats

Sony Liv is a fairly new competitor in the arena of OTT streaming. It was a bumpy start at first thanks to its jumbled-up interface and a lack of viewing options. But since then Sony Liv has grown to be successful with subsequent additions and improvements. 

Now streaming on Sony Liv is not only accessible to everyone but the diverse options available on its platform are sure to keep you glued on your seat. If you are still doubting giving Sony Liv an honest try, then let us clear all your confusion by giving you the top shows you can watch on Sony Liv this 2021! 😀 

1. Power 

As the name suggests, the show is powerful enough to leave a lasting impact once you are done with it. With a high rating of 8.1/10 on IMDB, Power does not need any more advocates to tell you just how good of a show it is. It delivers what a crime thriller should exactly offer–a suspenseful and action-filled package. 

James St. Patrick on the surface looks like the man who has everything a man could ever want. A beautiful wife, a thriving business, and two lovely kids. But scratch the surface and you’ll find a man who wants even more. Will James’s greed lead to a life of crime? To watch James become the ‘Ghost’ of the crime world, watch Power on Sony Live today! 

2. Mr. Mercedes 

If you love the thriller genre then surely you must have heard of the great author, Stephen King. And if you are a fan of both, then Mr. Mercedes should definitely be next on your streaming watchlist. Based on Stephen King’s Bill Hodges trilogy, Mr. Mercedes is a gripping saga of suspense that will keep you glued to your seat! 

Bill Hodges thought he was done catching criminals when he retired from the police. But when a heinous serial killer starts to stalk him, he has no choice but to put his police gloves back on. This is unlike any killer he has faced, and this time his own sanity is at stake along with everyone he loves. To find out who wins this cat and mouse chase, watch Mr. Mercedes on Sony Liv today! 

3. Gullak 

If you are in the mood for a cozy weekend, then that means it’s time for a fun-loving show to watch! And you’re just in luck, as Sony Liv has exactly the show which will make your weekend the most relaxing one ever. Gullak is an Indian show based on the life of a middle-class family and their silly daily struggles. The relatable themes of the show will make this show appeal to even an international audience!

With an IMDb rating of 9.2/10, there’s really nothing more we can add as praise to this amazing show. It’s just about a father and mother raising their kids together, dreaming of nothing but the best for them. If you are looking for a family-friendly show you can watch with everyone over family weekend, Gullak is definitely the perfect show for you. 

4. The Handmaid’s Tale 

If you are in the mood of watching something utterly depressing that will destroy you emotionally and make you question the goodness of humanity itself, then you should consider ‘The handmaid’s tale’. That is if you have the guts to watch this absolute heart-wrenching show. 

The series is based on the book of the same name by author Margaret Atwood. The world is suffering from natural disasters and low birth rates, leading to the creation of a fundamentalist government that forces women to a life of servitude as baby-making machines. One such woman is Offred, who just wants to escape from this cruel life and find the daughter taken away from her when she was captured. If you want to see just how far humanity can fall into depravity and Hihow far a woman will go to rise above it all, then The Handmaid’s Tale is a must-watch! 

5. Tudors 

If you like history shows but want them to be with a little bit of ‘extra’ spice, then this historical drama based on the life of King Henry the VIII should definitely be in your streaming checklist. Anyone who has loved Game of Thrones for its bold scenes and complex political power plays will love what Tudors has to offer. 

If you have read up on British history, you would know that King Henry the VIII lived a scandalous life. He had six wives, of whom only the last one survived only because he died first. What happened to the other five wives? To find out, watch the life of King Henry the VIII on Tudors right now! 

6. Leonardo 

When it comes to great historical thrillers, Sonly Liv just keeps them coming. Leonardo is one such offering of Sony Liv that will keep you stuck on your couches for the rest of the weekend! Having already been the most-watched show in the United Kingdom, Leonardo is now available globally to everyone thanks to Sony Liv! 

Leonardo is based on the famous artist and inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci who lived in the 1400s. If the name still doesn’t ring a bell, just know that this man-made the Mona Lisa. If you want to see the amazing life story of Leonardo Da Vinci that made him the artist he is remembered as today, then you absolutely need to watch Leonardo on Sony Liv right now! 

7. Indebted 

Had a rough day at work and just want a show that will make you laugh and forget everything? Then just sit back and let Sony Liv’s Indebted do the rest for you! This show is so hilarious that you will forget whatever happened to you just within one episode!

Dave and Rebecca after years of bringing their kids up are now finally ready to restart their marriage and just enjoy their free time together. But that plan gets cancelled when Dave’s parents show up, broke and in need of Dave’s help. Now Dave and Rebecca are forced to live with the parents, putting their marriage on hold again. The funny shenanigans that the characters pull up in this show makes it a enjoyable watch for any stressful weekend! 

8. Alex Rider 

If you are a youngster looking for a young adult show for the weekend, then you should definitely give Alex Rider a try. First of all, it is a spy show featuring teenage spies kicking ass. And second, it takes place in a high school! This show ticks off the markers you can ever want in your teenage spy flick! 

Alex Rider is a young spy investigating his uncle’s death. This leads him to the Point Blanc school where he has to go undercover while trying to uncover the mystery behind his uncle’s death. But instead what he finds at school might be much more disturbing than any anticipated. To see how our teenage spy’s adventure turns out, don’t forget to tune into Alex Rider on Sony Liv today! 

9. The War of the Worlds 

If you can’t decide whether to watch something from the romance genre or the sci-fi genre, then how about just watching them both in the same show? Still, feeling confused? Then let us introduce you to Sony Liv’s ‘The war of the worlds!’ 

George is a married man but falls in love with the beautiful Amy. Both soon decide to start an honest new life together after a whirlwind affair, only for aliens to attack the planet and put their plan on indefinite hold. Now fighting for their lives, will this couple make it to get their dream ending? If you want to see this bizarre but fascinating love story unfold, then stream The war of the worlds on Sony Liv today! 

10. For Life 

Imagine you are imprisoned for something you didn’t even do. What will you do to get out of it? If you don’t know the answer to that, then ask Aaron Wallace from the show ‘For Life’! Based on the true-life events of Isaac Wright Jr, who fought his own case to get himself out of life imprisonment! 

Aaron Wallace was living his ordinary life when he got caught up in a crime he didn’t even commit. We will not tell you what crime it was as we don’t want to spoil the show, but it was big of a crime to be given life imprisonment. Now Aaron Wallace has to turn a litigator not just for his own sake, but also for all the inmates who were sentenced to jail unfairly like him. The journey of Aaron from a prisoner to an empowered lawyer fighting for justice has to be watched to be believed, only on Sony Liv!

Sony Liv has something to offer for everyone. From shows in genres like romance, crime thriller, history, and political drama, you will not be left bored with Sony Liv as your weekend companion. We hope with this list of top shows available on Sony Liv, you will have a fun weekend ahead! We wish you an entertaining streaming time on Sony Liv!