Trending colours for Décor in 2021

Trending colours for Décor for 2021

With 2020 coming to an end, everyone is hoping for a better year. A new year comes with the hope of having new beginnings and a fresh start. At the end of each year, trends for the next year are decided on and a few colours are chosen to add colour to our lives in the New Year. Colour experts and Interior Designers pick colours that define our lives at the current moment. Based on trends in designs, pop culture, architecture and fashion, colours are picked. 

During the last year, most people spent time at home – as most places were closed. People had to stay home and most of them got bored with seeing the same surrounding every single day. 

Seeing the way things are going, a few months in 2021 may also be spent at home. So instead of being upset about what cannot be controlled, we must be positive and look at the brighter side of things. The new colour trends of 2021 will give our homes a makeover, besides brightening up our lives, they will also definitely make our homes look beautiful.

Trending colours for Décor for 2021

Decor Colour Trends for 2021


These two contrasting colours seem to go quite well together. Most people love the way they look when combined in a living space. The dull grey shade is brightened up with a bright yellow. These two colours when used together are said to express strength, hopefulness and positivity. 

To incorporate this trend: In your living room, you can have grey sofas with yellow cushions. A rug with a mix of yellow and grey colour and a coffee table in yellow would look great. Choose one wall to paint in yellow (preferably the one behind your sofa) and the others can be in grey. Place candles in yellow around the room, wall lights can have grey lampshades and paintings in grey and yellow can be put up.


Nature tones give off a warm and earthy vibe. It creates a feeling of growth and stability. These shades connect you back to nature. They are soothing colours that will remind you of the simple things in life.

To incorporate this trend: In your living room, have your sofas and rugs in a shade of brown. Wall hangings can match this shade too. You can have your cushion covers in a shade of blue or green. You can have a centre table in brown or have a wooden sideboard. Also, since it’s an earthly tone, make sure to bring in many plants and flowers and place around.


The colour Aquamarine is bright and refreshing and a great colour to begin the New Year with. It looks great on a wall and certain furniture. A splash of this vibrant blue-green colour, when combined with neutral colours, gives off a spa-like vibe, especially when used in the bathroom. 

To incorporate this trend

In your living room, paint one wall a light shade of aquamarine. Have curtains in a slightly darker shade of aquamarine. Do not try to over-use this colour. Mix it with shades of white. Add white lampshades, a white rug and white sofas. Aquamarine cushion covers and throws on a white sofa will look good. You can also have an aquamarine bean bag.


Urban bronze is a warm and grounding shade of grey-brown. It reflects our need for stability and serenity. Using this colour to decorate your home will enable you to create a space for reflection and renewal.

To incorporate this trend: In your living room, have one wall painted in urban bronze and the others in cream colour. Have chairs in urban bronze too, with a light shade of brown for a table. Have cream sofas and keep brown cushions on it. You can also place a brown throw on it. Have a rug in a darker shade of bronze and place a centre table in dark wood above it.


Play with bright colours for a rich and saturated look. From earthly shades to jewel tones, playing around with your favourite colours is the trend of the coming year. They will make your living room pop.

To incorporate this trend: In your living room, paint the walls in a bright and bold colour like red or blue. Have sofas in a brown or cream shade. Have bright and colourful paintings for your walls. Have plants in funky and colourful pots. Your rug can be colourful too. Try not to clash too many colours as your room will then look very cluttered.


With a living room in various shades of yellow, your home feels warm and cosy. Whether this sunny colour is used on its own or used along with another colour to accent it, it looks good either way.

To incorporate this trend: In your living room, have pale yellow wallpaper and mustard yellow sofas, with white cushions on them. Have a brown rug and lampshades in white. You can also have chair covers in mustard yellow to match your sofas. Complete this look by putting up white lace curtains.