Trending must-have Kitchen décor for 2021

Trending must-have Kitchen décor for 2021

With the New Year almost here, it is time to look into the new trends that will be in fashion for the upcoming year. Most people have started looking for houses and apartments with large kitchens as kitchens have become a living space where we combine making and eating food with social activities with friends and family.

Most houses and apartments nowadays are quite big and overlook the living room. They aren’t hidden away anymore. So making sure they are super neat and classy is important as anyone who comes over will be able to view it.

So, to help you out, we have a list of the Kitchen décor trends of 2021 that you definitely need to look at. Keep scrolling!

Kitchen décor trends for 2021

Colour: Research has shown that totally white kitchens have gone out of style. People now prefer to have bold and saturated colours instead. Colours like blue, red, yellow, green, orange are bold colours that you can have your kitchen cabinets, oven, kitchen island and kitchen appliances in. Various shades of these colours can also be used.

Trending must-have Kitchen décor for 2021

Open Kitchens: Kitchens in the future are expected to be open and spacious.. They usually come with a kitchen island in the middle of the room that has a lot of storage space too. They should also have built-in ovens and built-in cupboards for storage. These large spaces are really nice especially when you have a big family or small kids who enjoy coming into the kitchen to help you out or to bake.

Transparent Glass Kitchen: Glass Kitchens are also very much in style. You can have so many items of glass in your kitchen. Glass kitchen cabinets, glass jars, glass jugs and also a glass kitchen island. If you are one of those lucky people living in a big house and your kitchen overlooks your garden, you can have glass windows from ceiling to floor, so you will have a good view of the outside. Also, if you do not want plain glass furniture, furniture in coloured, melted and frosted glass can also be used.

Metallic Kitchens to shine up your home: Metallic kitchens seem to be a style. Shiny furniture finishes like fabrics and wallpapers are currently trending. It is mainly metal that is used around. Lamps, handles, appliances and furniture in the kitchen are all supposed to be metallic for a metallic theme inspired kitchen.

Go all Black for a dark aesthetic: The colour black is loved by many. Colourful kitchens have always been in style, but a dark aesthetic seems to be the cool new trend. Black is stylish and classy and when combined with the right colour, looks extra good. You can use a mix of matt and shiny black for different surfaces. From black kitchen cabinets, plant pots, chairs, utensils, cutlery and crockery, almost everything you need in your kitchen can be found in the colour black. Most people usually combine black with light or dark wood.

Dual tones for a cool new look: If you are someone that loves colours and enjoys being surrounded by colours, glass, metallic and black kitchen looks may not be for you (unless you are open to trying something new, then you must definitely do so!). But not to worry because we have a solution for you! Two-toned kitchens are also currently a trend, so you can play around with colours to see which two you like the best combined. You can either have two colours or two finishes. Say, one colour for the upper cabinets and another colour for the lower ones or one finish for the lower cabinets and a different one for the ones on top. Another choice you have is, to combine a bold or warm colour with wood, cement or a matt surface.

Small Spaces call for multifunctional appliances: Big kitchens are the new style, but with the population increasing, it is only people living in houses that actually benefit from having big kitchens. Those living in big cities in apartments aren’t as lucky. Small living spaces mean small kitchens with no space for extra unwanted things. So, for 2021, multifunctional appliances is the new trend for those living in small apartments. It helps them keep their kitchen neat and organized. An example for this would be a microwave oven. You will not need to have a separate microwave and oven as the 2 come together and save on space.

Keep in mind Sustainable living: We have to do everything we can to live more sustainable lifestyles. Kitchens are getting ‘green and smart’ thanks to technology. The main focus is to move people into having environment-friendly kitchens. Smart kitchen appliances help to save and preserve energy. They benefit the environment as they have a low negative impact on it.

Make sure to be extra creative while trying out these trends. You can always add on to these ideas to personalize the look and make it your own.