Ugly Christmas Sweaters for couples to show off their love

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for couples

Many couples love to wear matching clothes. Couples like to match to show their love for each other and to show that they have a strong yet goofy relationship. Over the last few years, couples have started wearing matching ugly sweaters. Based on their personalities, they can choose from a wide range of ugly sweaters out there, or even make their own personalized ones. Whether they want their ugly sweaters to be funny or cool, there are plenty of options they can choose from.

When it comes to matching ugly Christmas sweaters, you have to go big and be bold. You cannot let anyone or anything stop you or hold you back. Make sure to be confident in whatever you choose to wear, but also make sure it’s super comfy. Whether you are going for a Christmas party (not the formal kind) or just out during the Christmas season, you can wear your ugly Christmas sweaters anywhere!

Keep scrolling for a bunch of DIY ugly Christmas sweaters for couples, so you can match your loved one this Christmas!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for couples

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for couples


  1. Ugly Nutcracker Christmas sweater: This nutcracker sweater comes in green and has a picture of a nutcracker on it along with the words ‘You Crack Me Up’. The sweater also has several snowflakes. It can be worn on top of a plaid shirt.
  2. Ugly Gift box Christmas sweater: It is a green and red checked sweater that has a huge golden bow on the front and a sticker on the top right corner that says, ‘Merry Christmas’.
  3. Ugly Winter wonderland Christmas sweater: This sweater has a picture of a winter wonderland on the front. Christmas trees, reindeer, snowmen, and of course Santa Claus are all on it with the words ‘Baby it’s cold Outside’ written on the front.


  1. The ‘Christmas Tree’ Ugly Christmas Sweaters: You can’t say it is Christmas if you do not have a Christmas tree. But If you don’t have a Christmas tree you can always wear one. For this ugly Christmas sweater, you will need a plain dark green full-sleeved sweater (the shade of green that an actual Christmas tree is). Wrap a Christmas garland in gold or silver around it and stick on a few baubles (red and gold or silver, based on the color of the garland).To finish this look, wear a headband or a cap with a medium-sized red or gold Christmas star stuck to it. You could also make your own red pom-pom earrings and wear them too.
  2. ‘Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer’ Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Poor Rudolph was bullied by all the other reindeer for having a red nose, yet Santa Claus chose him to fly his sleigh. For this Ugly Christmas, Sweater takes a dark brown sweater and dye the sleeves light brown. On the sweater, paint on two big white circles for eyes with one tiny black circle for the eyeballs inside each of them. For Rudolph’s nose, stick a red balloon or ball onto the tummy area of the sweater. Then, on the sleeves, stick on 3 brown cardboard rolls covered with brown paper. These will be the antlers. Your sweater is now complete. Raise your arms and you’ll be able to see a reindeer!
  3. Ugly ‘Snow Globe’ Christmas sweaters: Another super easy craft that will not take too long. Take a red sweater and at the center of it paint a white circle. On it, stick 3 handmade Christmas tree cut-outs and a fun couple pic, and then cover this circle up with a transparent plastic bowl. Above the globe stick on a bow and around the globe stick-on mini snowflake cut-outs. And there you have your snow globe sweater.
  4. Ugly ‘Beer Pong’ Christmas sweaters: To make this sweater you can use a green long-sleeved Christmas sweater (with designs) and on the front stick on a red rectangular piece of cloth and on it a green triangle-shaped piece of cloth, for the Christmas tree. After that, you will need 6 plastic glasses (preferably red in color). Stick these onto the Christmas tree part of the sweater- one at the top, two in the middle, and three at the bottom, and you are done. Not only is this an ugly Christmas sweater but also one that you and your partner can play beer pong with. Get table tennis balls and try to throw them into the glasses.

Make sure you buy or make two of each sweater. Complete these looks by wearing jeans, leggings, or Christmas stockings and Uggs or boots.

All the DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters are super easy to make at home. You can make them with your partner as a fun Christmas activity. Be as creative as you can and have fun!