Unique and Gorgeous Dresses for Prom Night

Looking unique on prom night is definitely something every girl wants. Finding the perfect dress to make you look stunning can be pretty hard. From deciding whether to buy one online or just go to a shop, to finding the right heels, accessories, and hairdo to go with it, everything takes time. 

In the 21st Century, more and more girls have stopped wearing traditional Prom dresses and wear ones that they are more comfortable in. What you wear is completely up to you, whether you want to keep it simple or go all out – because you can look gorgeous in absolutely anything (as long as you wear it with confidence).  

What kind of dress do you think you would like to wear? One with sequins, lace, a gown, or a dress? There are plenty of options out there but finding ‘The One’ for you might require a little time. 

So, look no further, keep scrolling for some of the prettiest and most unique Prom Dresses! 

Unique and Gorgeous Dresses for Prom Night

Unique Prom Dresses for you to wear on Prom Night


women wearing prom dress

  1. Puff Sleeve Gown: This gown is the elevated version of the average ‘Little Black Dress’. It is simple yet elegant. It is unique as many would not wear this to prom, but you should definitely try it out! It is a plain off-shoulder black gown with puffy sleeves and pleats at the bottom. A gorgeous black choker would go really well with it along with some silver dangling earrings. You could put your hair up in a bun for it or leave it down. 
  2. Mermaid Gown: A pale pink sleeveless gown that is form-fitting on the top and that is flared at the bottom. Wear it with pearls – a pearl necklace and bracelet – and long dangling earrings that match. 
  3. Satin Lace-Up Maxi Dress: A long-sleeveless gown that you can get in any light color. It looks really good in pale pink or red. It has lace on the upper part and the rest is just plain satin. You can wear it with black, pink or silver heels. Leave your hair down – you can curl, straighten or leave it natural. Simple jewelry like a necklace and a bracelet would look good with it. 
  4. Gathered Cup Gown: A full-length sleeveless gown that has a pleated full skirt and a fitted bodice and pleated cups. It comes in a dark red. It would look with black heels, red and black hanging earrings, and dark red lipstick. You can leave your hair down.
  5. Velvet Thigh-slit Prom dress: A halter neck gown with a thigh-slit. The lovely velvet texture makes the gown look extra good. You can carry a clutch purse with it and wear a pretty bracelet. Hoop earrings will go really well with this gown. Complete this look with pencil heels. 
  6. Two-Piece Sequin Dress: A sparkly two-piece glamourous gown – the top is a V-neck with straps and sequins and the long skirt is fitted, has a thigh-slit, and is full of sequins. Wear this gown with pencil heels and sparkly jewelry. You can use sequin eyeshadow on your eyes


  1. One Shoulder Dress: This one-shoulder dress is short and comes with a choker. It is a body-hugging dress. Tie up your hair and wear matching heels with it. You do not need to wear a necklace with it since it comes with an attached choker.
  2. Off Shoulder Dress: A super cute off-shoulder dress with see-through sleeves. While the top is fitted, the lower half is flared. It comes in simple pretty colors. Wear it with wedge heels and leave your hair down and wear a flower hairband.
  3. Strawberry Midi Dress: You have probably seen the trending strawberry midi dress somewhere on the internet. Over the last few months, it has gotten pretty popular and several people have attempted to make it at home. It is a baby pink colored dress with red strawberries all over it. It has a V-neck and puffy sleeves. It would look lovely with pale pink heels.

For Makeup:

Based on what you want – you could go with a simple ‘no makeup’ makeup look or a bold look. If you are really good and creative with makeup, you could do this on your own. But for those who can’t, you could either ask a friend or get a professional to do it for you. 

For Nails: 

Match your nails with your gown. Get your nails done in a shade that goes with your gown. There are plenty of nail art options. You could do your nails on your own or get them professionally done.

For Jewellery: 

Etsy has some amazingly gorgeous options that are perfect for prom. They have a wide variety of earrings and necklaces that you can get to match your outfit.