Wonderful Wall Christmas Tree Ideas To Help You Save On Space!

Wall Christmas Trees are the newest fashion. They are mainly put up by those who live in tiny/ studio/ matchbox-sized apartments as they may not have an adequate place to keep a Christmas tree.

Just because they have limited space, they should not have to miss out on having some form of a Christmas tree. Most people would agree that having a Christmas Tree at home during Christmas is quite essential. It puts you in the Christmas spirit and sets the mood for the Christmas season.

So, to make sure you do not spend Christmas without a tree, here are a few wall Christmas tree ideas that you can make at home, that are also budget-friendly.


Make one out of tinsel

Green tinsel can be bought in any shop and can be stuck to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. On it, you can attach mini baubles, candy canes, and fairy lights.

Make your own Garland Christmas Tree

You can make a garland out of evergreens and hang it up on your wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. If you decorate this with lights and baubles, it looks very pretty!

Put up Christmas Baubles

If you have baubles at home, you do not only have to put them up on your Christmas tree. You can arrange them on your wall in the shape of a Christmas tree, by placing the mini baubles at the top, medium-sized ones in the middle, and large ones at the bottom.

Reuse your old Wood shelves

You could arrange wooden shelves in the shape of a Christmas tree on your wall and keep ornaments like baubles, figurines of Santa Claus, reindeer, and snowmen on it. You can finish this look by putting up Christmas lights.

Arrange Wooden twigs as a Christmas tree

Wooden twigs arranged like a Christmas tree on your wall would also look really good. Add fairy lights to this and stick up baubles on your wall, in between each twig.

Countdown to Christmas- Christmas tree

Take a few wooden planks and arrange them on your wall. On them, write the numbers from 1 to 25. As the days go by, you can use it to keep track of how many days are left for Christmas!

You can’t go wrong with Fairy lights

Fairy lights can be hung up on your wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. You do not really need to add anything to them. They look beautiful on their own.

Use Paper from a Book

If you have many old storybooks or magazines, you can tear out the pages and stick them to the wall. You could put fairy lights on them and draw on baubles and other ornaments like stars and snowflakes.

Hang up a Rope Christmas Tree

Stick a rope in the shape of a triangle to your wall. On it, from one side to the other, hang up fairy lights that have clips attached to them. This way you can clip up pictures of yourself with family and friends. You can also hang up tiny baubles.

Stick Christmas wall Decals or stickers

Life-sized Christmas tree wall stickers can be stuck up on your wall. This cannot be decorated, but still looks good.

Use Christmas colored Bottle caps

Bottle caps of all sizes can be painted in green and stuck on your wall. You can stick bigger ones from the jam and sauce bottles at the bottom and small ones from water bottles at the top.

Old Photographs to bring back memories

You can print out family photographs from past Christmas celebrations and stick them in the shape of a Christmas tree. Having all the pictures in black and white and outlining the shape of the tree with fairy lights will look super cute!

Stick your Christmas Ornaments

You could stick ornaments like stars and angels in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Painting your own Christmas tree

You could paint a Christmas tree on your wall in your living room or your child’s bedroom. You could outline the tree and have your child put his/her handprints on the inside.

Draw your Christmas Tree on a Blackboard

On a blackboard, you could draw a Christmas tree with chalk and color in baubles and other ornaments.

Crotchet Christmas Trees

You could make a crotchet Christmas tree and hang it up.

Embroider your own Christmas Tree

If you have time, you could take a white cloth and embroider a Christmas tree on it and hang this up on your wall.

Use Rolled paper as a Christmas Tree

Rolls of green paper from old magazines can be stuck together and hung up. You can stick baubles and stars on them.

Really hope you like these ideas. Putting up a wall Christmas tree can be a lot of fun and will definitely bring out your creative side. Top all these trees with a gold or silver Christmas star! Have a wonderful time decorating!