Wallpaper Styles In Fashion That You Should Try Out In 2021

Wallpaper styles to copy this 2021

Having wallpaper in 2021 has become the new trend. There is an increase in the number of people that put up wallpaper in their homes. The main reason for this sudden rise in the use of wallpapers is everyone finding something they like. Wallpapers range from simple bold colours to printed ones, thus enabling everyone to find a wallpaper they know will look good in their homes. Also, with the improvement in technology, there are so many new finishes and textures that are being made that look really good.

In the past, wallpapers were limited to just being basic designs on paper, but nowadays, you can have your wallpaper adorned with grass-cloths, silk with designs and corks. So as long as you are ready to be confident and accept bold looks, you will not regret your decisions. 

If you keep scrolling, you will see the wallpaper styles that are trending this year. They all look fabulous and are definitely trends that are easy to follow. Do consider getting inspired to try some of them out.  

Wallpaper styles to copy this 2021

Wallpaper styles to copy this 2021


Having bold colours with cool patterns and designs for wallpaper always looks great. It is a pretty simple wallpaper idea. This is one of the trending wallpapers because there are so many people who do not want to be too flashy and extra with their wallpaper choice.


There has been an increase in the number of people who are trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. To match sustainable themed home décor, wallpaper with nature prints would go well. Perhaps you could have one wall with a wallpaper that has trees, flowers or leaves printed on it and place a few potted plants and hanging plants in front of it. Wallpapers in bold green following the biophilic trend using plants and foliage. 


Floral prints look amazing in any space. Retro, contemporary and vintage floral prints all look fabulous. Pick a few colours and use them to decide which floral design you want. Large floral prints make a room look smaller, while small floral prints make a room look bigger. Keeping this in mind, choose an appropriate floral size to decorate your walls. It is usually better to choose daintier designs unless you are putting up this wallpaper in a really big room. 


Instead of having simple straight lines and circles, why not have two coloured wallpaper that has complex geometric shapes on it. The geometric pattern actually looks quite good.


This trend is currently in fashion and the hype around it will probably die down in a year or two. But until then you are free to enjoy this lovely wallpaper look. It’s a bright and colourful pattern that looks really pretty.


You can have a wallpaper with large palm leaves, tropical flowers and lianas mixed with some gold and copper highlights. 


Murals are paintings that are done on a wall. The most common and good looking ones are scenic and mural wallpapers. They include having atmospheric scenes, panoramas and murals put up on the walls that make your walls look gorgeous. 


In 2021, the maximalist look is totally trending. People like to display lots of items for a fancier look. Maximalist wallpaper designs would include patterns like animal prints mixed with metallic touches and stripes and stars.


To make your room take you back into history, get an archival wallpaper. These have designs that are not mass-produced, which will make them feel closer to your heart. These wallpapers will make you feel nostalgic and also will ensure you contribute to and support craftsmanship and heritage designs.   


The dark theme is pretty popular. Though many people feel that having the walls of a room in black and dark shades of blue, green, and purple would make the room dark and dingy, if you ensure that you have proper and well-placed lighting, it should not be a problem. When the whole house is styled in this theme, it will look glamourous. 


Wallpaper is no longer one-dimensional. Today, thanks to the advancements in technology, wallpaper is no longer flat. They can be thick too. You can get hessian wallpapers. They are made out of heavyweight vinyl. They are hard-wearing and tough but also create a cosy feel. 

Listed above are the Wallpaper Trends for 2021. Try not to impulsively make a decision and rush into picking something that you could later regret. Spend an ample amount of time choosing the perfect wallpaper for you – something that ‘you’ love!

I hope that you were inspired to try out some of the above styles. I am sure that you will find a style that matches the style, mood and tone in your home. Have fun choosing one that you love!