Stylish and Fashionable Winter Outfits for Black Women

As winter begins, it is time for you to get your jackets, coats, vests, long sleeve shirts, and of course your winter boots out of storage! To keep yourself well dressed and warm during the season, you will need them. 

It is usually women who tend to put more effort into their outfits to present themselves better. They have fun dressing up and going out.

There are some women who enjoy dressing up no matter what the weather is like and there are others who just like to be comfy and wear whatever they want without bothering about what others think of them. In the winter, I prefer to wear clothes that keep me warm without really caring about how I look. But for everyone out there that does like looking good, I’ve got a few outfit options for you! I do envy those who look really stylish no matter how cold it is, so here are some really fashionable yet comfy outfits you could consider wearing this winter. Keep scrolling!

Winter Outfits for Black Women

Winter Outfits for Black Women


In the winter, wearing neutral colours is very common. Most people tend to wear simple neutral colours but they pull off those colours really well and look great. Colours like black, white, beige, creme, off white and grey are common winter colours. But though most people keep it simple, there’s also a few that will add on a bright colour just to look brighter. Perhaps you could wear a bright cap, jacket or shoes. If you want to wear a bright coloured sweater or jumper, you can. Wear what you are comfortable in!



  1. Long-sleeve T-Shirts with Leggings: You can pair leggings with a long sleeve t-shirt and some sports shoes. This is an outfit you could wear at the start or end of winter when it is not too cold. 
  2. Hoodie with Jeans: Wear an oversized hoodie with skinny jeans and ankle shoes like converse or vans. You can wear a blue, black or white denim jacket over the hoodie.
  3. Long sleeve t-shirt with Wide Leg Trousers: You can wear wide-leg jeans or trousers with a cropped long sleeve t-shirt, a hoodie or a sweatshirt and shoes.  
  4. Turtle Neck with Culottes: Wear a turtle neck sweater with culottes down and ankle boots. 
  5. Long sleeve t-shirt with Leather Culottes: Wear black leather culottes with a V-neck black t-shirt. Pair this with black ankle boots.
  6. Cargo Pants and a Cropped T-shirt: Wear cargo pants with a black cropped top and a black winter jacket. You can wear matching black shoes too.


  1. Shirt and Plaid Skirt: Wear a white formal shirt with a plaid skirt and blazer along with knee-high black boots.
  2. Sweater with a Long Skirt: You can wear a long shirt with a tucked-in sweater. Wear shoes with this outfit.
  3. Turtle Neck with a Denim Skirt: Wear a denim skirt with a turtle neck t-shirt. On this, wear a long open sweater. Also, wear translucent black stockings and boots. 
  4. Pencil Skirt with a Cute top: Wear a pencil skirt along with a V-necked top that is flared at the bottom. You can wear this with pencil heels or boots.
  5. Pleated Mini Skirt with a Rib Long Sleeve Top: Wear a Rib Long Sleeve Top with a pleated mini skirt, along with knee-high boots and black stockings. 


You can wear any long or short dress. If it is a short dress, you can wear it along with stockings and knee-high boots. If it is a long dress, you can just wear boots. You can wear a strap or sleeveless dress along with a long sleeve t-shirt or a turtle neck on the inside.


Especially for winter, there are so many different jackets available. Leather jackets, Long open sweaters, hoodies, Fur Coats, Parkas, Puffer Jackets and many more. Pick a jacket that will go with your outfit. 

Along with these outfits, you should also keep the following in mind:

You can add on Jewellery and Accessories: Match the accessories and jewellery to your outfit for a more classy look.

Jewellery: Wear some simple jewellery like chains, bracelets, earrings or a watch. 

Accessories: You can carry a hang bag, sling bag or a purse to keep your things in. You can also wear a beanie, a French beret and a scarf. 

For your Hair: 

Hair Styles: Based on whether you have short or long hair, there are different hairstyles you can try out. 

  • Short Hair: You can straighten or curl it. You can do a ‘half up half down’ look – just pin it up, clip it at the back, do double French braids or space buns.
  • Long Hair: You could curl or straighten your hair or leave it natural. You can put double butch braids, a single French braid, a high ponytail, a low bun or two braids with a bun.