Glam Vapours

Welcome to Glam Vapours! Glam Vapors is a Food, Fashion, and Lifestyle Blog, getting you the best ideas for everyday living.

From the Blogger’s Desk:

Hello and welcome to Glam Vapours! We started this blog to bring you the best and creative ideas across the world all in one place. Glam Vapours is a Lifestyle Blog, where we blog about ways to make life easier and more amazing with some help from us. From Recipes to Decors to Fashion to Cheap and Thrifty ways to lead a healthy and happy life, Glam Vapors will help you in your everyday life.

I am from San Francisco. I am an Interior Designer here in San Fransico, for the last 5 years. After a recommendation from my colleague, I thought of sharing my ideas with the world. Hence, while discussing designs over coffee with my colleague, the thought of Glam Vapours came to our mind. This was the beginning of this Blog,

So from there came the idea of the name Vapours, since we thought the Vapours of Coffee has definitely got something to do with this genius idea! Also, Glam is not just about glorious and extremely expensive things. Glam can be found in simple and cheap things as well. This is what I always thought and believed as a designer and today, I blog about the same. I think designing is not just and should not be limited to the high end. It’s for every one of us. So, that’s my quest – to find beauty and happiness in small things in life!


I would like to make it clear here that my intention is not to sell or lure you into any kind of purchase. This is a purely educational website/blogging website where I share blogs and listicles only for content creation/educational purposes.