Best DIY Gifts for Father’s Day from Kids

DIY Father's Day gift ideas

It’s the beginning of June and it’s the perfect time to think about the best gifts for your Dad for Father’s Day. However, all of us will agree that buying gifts for your Dad can be the hardest thing in the world. It’s not that they just love expensive things, but also, when you buy them, they are not as pleased about it. My Dad keeps on saying that he needs nothing for Father’s day and trust me that makes it all the more confusing, although I love him the most.

So, I thought why not make gifts for him. Then came the idea fo DIY Gifts for Father’s Day. DIY Gifts are personalized and say that you are probably 100 times more than any store-bought expensive gift which your Dad might never make any use of. DIY Gifts can be really easy to make. You could use those same old craft supplies at home to make something caring and cute for your Daddy. These are clever, smart, caring, and also polite.

DIY gifts can be made at home by repurposing old items. Be it his bag of tools which he uses to fix the house, just get the kids to engrave on it or make a photo frame for your Dad with your favorite memories of him. Some of these DIY Gifts ideas are so easy that even kids would love to be a part of making these. From Handprinted Cards to Footprint Cards to scribbling on  Coffee Mugs to making the, ” Best Dad Ever” Trophy! It’ll be so much fun! These DIY Fathers Day gift ideas will make your Fathers Day a special one!

Best DIY Gifts for Father’s Day from Kids

Scribble Mug for Dad 

Isn’t this just the cutest. Get your Kids to have the most fun with their sharpies and as it turns out, they will have made the best and so colorful gift for their Dads!  This Mug could be a perfect showpiece by the bedside table that’ll remind him that he’s loved. Also, maybe the perfect victory championship trophy for the hero of the house! A Brilliant idea indeed by Jackie. Get the tutorial from I Heart Arts N Crafts

Photo cube for Dad 

When you want to make something special to your dad which he’ll love, I think making this Photo Cube would be a great idea. It’s so personal and so adorable. This could be the perfect paperweight for your Dad’s office. Also, maybe the perfect place for this would be in your Dad’s bedside table, where he’ll be waking up to happy memories every morning with this Photo Cube by his bedside. Get the tutorial from Instructables


Personalized Spatula

Whenever Dad cooks in the house, it’s surely a special night. How about a special grilling spatula for that special BBQ Night when Dad’s making dinner. And that too a personalized gift that’ll make him feel so special and loved! I think this is one of the cheapest yet adorable Father’s Day gifts that you can make for your Dad and make him feel loved and cared about. Get the Tutorial from Skip to my Lou

Dads Stache Jar 

How about a personal Stache Jar for Dad. It’s so perfect for him. After a long day at work, just think how happy your dad would be to find this stache jar by his table! I can just imagine the big smile on his face seeing these jar full of Reese’s Candies! A Fantastic DIY Gift idea from Alice. Get the tutorial from Alice Wingerden


A Personalised letter

What could be better than a personalized Letter for Dad? If it’s the last minute and you haven’t figured out a gift for your Dad, write a heartfelt letter to him. Don’t let it be copied from anywhere. Just something, that comes from your Heart for your old man, and trusts me he’ll appreciate it more than any store-bought or even DIY Gifts!

DIY Tie Rack

Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous always has the best ideas about gifts. This adorable Tie Rack is something I would love to try out and you should too. It’s so easy to make and looks so charming. Even if your Dad works from home or doesn’t have to go to work every day, this special gift will make him feel like a hero of the house! I just love this rustic look of the Tie Rack. Get the tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous.

Sidewalk chalk art photo frame

Oh wow! This is such a wonderful idea to make a perfect photo frame for your Dad using sidewalk chalk. You can go to any limits making creative designs and quotes to make this unique photo frame for him which he’ll love and adore for sure. Get the tutorial from Hip to Save

A pop gift in a Jar

Tonya from The Gunny Sack is an expert at crafting unique gifts. This amazing gift idea is so perfect for your Pop. This Pop gift jar jas everything that your Pop is going to love for sure. All the more, whenever he uses these, imagine the big smile on his face, that’s all you want for Father’s Day! Get the tutorial from The Gunny Sack

Rocks Picture Frame

Rocks Picture Frame for the Rock in your life – Your Dad. This thoughtful and personalized photo frame idea from Morena will make your Old Man, go giddy with glee. It’s just such a thoughtful and adorable present perfect for Father’s day. He could keep this frame by his bedside table on in his bedroom and feel so cared for each day! Get the tutorial from Morena’s Corner

Muffins gift box

Whenever you make something from scratch, your Dad will appreciate it for sure. How about a box of homemade Muffins for him. Jodie and Jen from Eighteen25 have the perfect Father’s day gift idea for you. All you need is a box full of Muffins which you can make at home or get from the store and the tag. Get the tutorial from Eighteen 25

Tie Covers for your Dads bottles

How about these adorable Tie Covers for your Dad’s bottles. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. This is such an easy and so cute idea. Even kids can make these cute Tie covers and decorate Dad’s favorite bottles. Head over to The Idea Room for the full tutorial.

Tie Phone Case

This cute and fun Tie upcycled into a Phone Case surely is the cutest Father’s Day gift. It looks so adorable that your Dad’s hear twill melt seeing this. Enjoy making this super innovative Phone Case. Head over to Pop Sugar for the full tutorial.

The No 1 Easel for Dad

Make this No 1 Easel for your Dad. This is such a fun and exciting project which the kids would have so much fun making. You can easily make this on a Chalkboard Easel. It’s super cute and super adorable. Head over to Eighteen25 to get the full tutorial of this amazing gift.

Slippers filled with a gift for Dad

These Slippers filled with gifts would make the best gift for Dad. It’s so easy and also so cheap. Fill it in will all the things your Dad love – his favorite munchies, his candies, and anything you wish to. Slide in a personalized note as well and make this the most thoughtful and useful present for your Dad. Head over to Pretty Providence to know the full tutorial.

Manly Grilling Apron

Have fun with kids making this adorable Grilling apron. Now when dinner will be on Dad, he’ll get to wear this special apron. It’s such an amazing and creative idea. Head over to Lovely Indeed for the full tutorial.

Spatula Gift for Dad

A Spatula for your Dad when he’ll be making the most delicious grilled food recipes for the family. A manly and useful gift for Dad which he’ll surely appreciate and love. Get the tutorial from Crafty Morning

DIY Engraved Hammer Gift

When your Dad fixes everything in the house, he deserves a gift that’ll make him feel so special and loved. Since he’s the Fixer of the house, an engraved Hammer is the perfect gift for him! Get the tutorial from I Can Teach my Child

So, these were some of the easiest and cutest DIY Father’s Day gift ideas. I hope you have loads of fun making these crafts at home and surprising your Dad with it. Happy Father’s Day in advance!