Best Hindi web series on Hotstar 2021

Have you grown tired of all the streaming services and can’t find anything good to watch? But wait, we don’t think you have given every OTT platform a chance yet! With Hotstar climbing up the charts of online streaming rankings, you just can’t miss what Hotstar has to offer in web shows! And we are here to help you with that by giving you the top web series you can watch on Hotstar this 2021! 

1. Grahan 

Grahan is the hottest series on all the Hindi streaming platforms right now. If you don’t believe us then just check out the ratings and reviews of it! The show deserves all the hype it got for a very good reason! 

Grahan tackles the sensitive topic of the 1984 riots. And yes, the show manages to do that beautifully without offending anyone. It’s a story of a man and a woman falling in love when violence was all around them. If you are still not on the Grahan hype train, then it’s still not too late to hop on it! Go and watch Grahan on Hotstar now! 

2. Live telecast 

Are you in the mood of watching something that will scare you for the rest of the weekend? Then Hotstar has something for you! Live Telecast dropped on Hotstar just this year and it’s already taking the Hindi horror genre by storm! 

Jennifer Matthew and her crew have rented a house to shoot a reality show. But soon enough they just might end up telecasting their horror ordeals at the haunted house. If you want to see a Hindi horror show that actually does it well, then Live Telecast is for you! 

3. 1962: The War in the Hills 

Are you feeling down after a tough day? Feeling like you are losing in the battle against your tedious and boring life? Then watch a war show! Nothing inspires someone more than watching heroes kickass and lead their nation to victory with a rousing speech. Even better, Hotstar has the perfect War show for you! 

The show is based on the 1962 Sino-Indian War. It’s one of the most difficult Wars India fought and the show managed a faithful portrayal of it. If you want to see a blood-pumping action show, 1962: The War in the hills is for you! 

4. City of dreams 

If you want to watch a show that has political drama bordering Game of Thrones level, Hotstar’s City of Dreams is the perfect answer to it! This show will definitely keep you on your toes with suspense when you watch it!

One of the most important political figures of Mumbai has been assassinated and now the whole city is thrown into political chaos. Just what does this mean for India’s city of dreams? To find out, watch City of Dreams on Hotstar today! 

5. November Story 

Everyone loves a good mystery once in a while. But nobody got the time to crack open Arthur Conan Doyle’s mystery books or watch mystery shows that drag on for seasons! But don’t worry, Hotstar has the perfect mystery show that checks all the right boxes! 

Anuradha is an ethical hacker who is out to prove her father innocent in a case of murder. Anuradha’s father has Alzheimer’s, so there’s no way he can commit a murder, right? Well, you need to watch the November story on Hotstar to find out! 

6. Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors 

Everyone’s favorite legal drama how is back on Hotstar with a sequel! And this time it is here to solve a crime that feels a little too personal for everyone. That’s right, criminal justice will explore crimes that take place behind doors! 

When a woman stabs her husband and confesses her crime, it is pretty much an open and close case. Only it’s not, as our favorite lawyers begin to unravel truths behind the crime scene. 

7. Aarya 

Do you want to see a show where a naive and wide-eyed heroine with three kids managed to become the mafia queen of a drug syndicate? Oh, and also avenged the death of her late husband who was murdered? If yes then you’re in luck because this is exactly the plot of Hotstar’s Aarya! 

Aarya used to be your average housewife looking after her kids and husband. That is until her husband gets killed by the drug mafia and she ends up on a run with her children. Now it’s up to Aarya to learn the illegal trade and become the new mafia leader. 

8. Hundred 

At this point, you might be thinking that Hotstar has no comedy shows! Then let us prove you wrong by telling you that Hotstar has the perfect comedy show you can watch anytime to make you laugh off your couch! With Lara Dutta in the lead role, Hundred is one of the top Hindi comedy web show out there! 

Netra Patil finds out that she is terminally ill and has just a hundred days to live. What do you think she does? Becomes an undercover agent of course! Teaming up with ACP Saumya Shukla, Netra is determined to go out of this world with a bang! 

9. Ok computer

Okay, so Hotstar has political drama, legal drama, mystery, thriller, and also comedy genre shows! Are we missing something here? What about the sci-fi genre? Well, don’t you worry because Hotstar has that too! 

Ok computer is set in the future where the world is made up of cyberpunk-styled skyscrapers and holograms. But crimes still take place in such an advanced world, as a retired cyber specialist is called up to stop an assassination from taking place. If you want to watch something different this weekend, this quirky sci-fi show is for you! 

10. Special Ops 

With an IMDb rating of 8.6/10, there’s no denying that Special Ops is THE show on Hotstar right now. If you still haven’t watched it, then 2021 is still not too late for you! And the show is not even that old yet, having been released in 2020. And yet it is one of the highly-rated Hindi webs shows right now! 

Special Ops is an espionage thriller drama where the goal is to find the mastermind behind a number of terrorist attacks. Himmat Singh is the leader of the espionage team ‘Special Ops’, and also the character who actually makes the show worth it to watch thanks to his charismatic performance! 

We hope that we have given you enough Hotstar shows to enjoy during your free time when you are bored of Netflix! Even if you are not, we assure you that you will not regret watching shows from this list! So go and subscribe to Hotstar today!