Stunning Half Sleeve Tattoo design ideas for women

Half sleeve tattoos are the most stylish and glamorous tattoo of all. If you wish to get a tattoo and you wish to flaunt it, your Half sleeve tattoo will be perfect for it. If you want to conceal it for office you can get a tattoo done on the upper sleeve, however, tattoos in office place increasingly become acceptable today. Half Sleeve tattoos can be done on the upper sleeve or on the lower sleeve. Half sleeve tattoo design ideas for women are here. Before you head out to the parlor check out these Half sleeve tattoo ideas below.

Half Sleeve Tattoo Design ideas

#1. Rose tattoo on the sleeve | Source

#2. Tree and Clock Tattoo | Source

#3. Flower tattoos | Source

#4. Half sleeve flower tattoo | Source

#5. Half sleeve Mandala Tattoo | Source

#6. Colorful Half sleeve tattoo | Source

#7. Water Color Feather Tattoo | Source

#8. Wolf tattoo | Source

#9. Girl Tattoo | Source

#10. Eye Tattoo design | Source

#11. Cool sleeve tattoo | Source

#12. Half sleeve Elephant Tattoo | Source

#13. Roses and Compass tattoo | Source

#14. Justice Lady Half sleeve tattoo | Source

#15. Egyptian themed tattoo | Source

So, these were some of my favorite Half sleeve tattoo design ideas. Hope you loved them.