Quirky Web Shows that will blow your mind

Sometimes the plain old mainstream shows just don’t cut it for everyone. We all need that dose of quirkiness once in a while to keep things fresh and interesting. And if you are looking for a series that will blow your mind with how unique it is, then you have come to the right place. So get your popcorn and WI-FI ready, because we will give you the top quirky web shows that 2021 can offer you right here! 

1. The Irregulars 

It’s a shame that side characters in a show barely get any attention. Take Sherlock Holmes for instance! The detective gets a ton of help from his minions but they barely get any screen time! Didn’t you ever feel curious about them like we did? If you did, then this show was made for you! 

The Irregulars is set in Victorian London, where a group of young street urchins works for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. What’s their job? To investigate supernatural happenings in London. If you want to watch a quirky mystery show with a twist, The Irregulars is for you! 

2. Jupiter’s Legacy 

People who have accomplished parents know how hard it is to live up to everyone’s expectations. But what if your parents were famous superheroes? Just imagine how tough it’s going to be for their kids to live up to this kind of accomplished parents! 

Sheldon Sampson is a renowned superhero in his world. He expects his children to be as successful as he was as a superhero and puts high expectations on them. Chafing under his father’s unrealistic goals for him, his son Brandon ends up doing something that just might end up changing superhero ideals forever. If you want to watch a superhero show that’s different from the rest, then you have to check out Jupiter’s Legacy! 

3. Sweet tooth 

Fantasy shows these days are just way too complicated. Sure they are engaging and interesting to watch, but they don’t make up for the best shows to watch when you just want to relax. So it’s a relief for everyone when a light-hearted fantasy show like Sweet Tooth drops in 2021! 

The story is set in a distant future where a pandemic wiped out most of humanity and gave origin to these weird hybrid babies which are part human, part animal. Our protagonist is one such hybrid child who is half human and half dear. If you want to see a modern fantasy show that is both engaging and pretty relaxing, then the sweet tooth is the perfect show for that! 

4. Panchayat

If you want to know just how much it can suck to work in a low-paying government job, then you should definitely watch Panchayat. This show will not only make you respect poor government workers more, but it will also give you many laughs over the weekend. 

A city-bred engineer in India is forced to take up a menial job as secretary to the village’s ruling board (called as Panchayat for those who don’t know). The show is a hilarious joyride for anyone who watches this comedy of errors! 

5. Never Have I Ever 

All teen shows follow almost the same formulaic storyline. An outcast high school girl meets a cute boy, who is probably a hunky jock. Drama happens and in the end, they end up going to the prom together. But what if there’s a teen show that plays the tropes differently? 

Devi is a first-generation American Indian who wants to climb up the high school hierarchy after a really bad year. But her family drama and friends are not making it easy for her. On top of that, she finds herself stuck between two boys who both want her. If you want to see a quirky heroine at her best, no one does it like Never have I ever’s Devi! 

6. Dave 

We all love underdogs. They inspire us to never give up in the face of the highest odds. If a bottom rock underdog can become successful, then surely we average humans can do something too, right? If you want to inspire yourself just like this by watching an underdog rising to fame, then Dave will win you over with its quirky underdog story! 

Dave follows the life of a man suffering from neuroticism who believes he’s destined to be the greatest rapper of all time. No one believes his tall claims, but Dave is convinced to prove everyone wrong. If you want to inspire yourself on a downer weekend, Dave is definitely a must-watch! 

7. Space force 

The idea of establishing a space force is both cool and hilarious at the same time. But what if we actually do it? If you cannot imagine humans having their own space force to fight potential alien threats, then maybe this show will help! At the least, it will definitely make you laugh until your sides hurt! 

General Mark Naird is given a daunting task by the American President. He is assigned to build a space force that will, and we quote, “get boots on the moon.” The eccentricity of the General doesn’t help in this either, as his hilarious efforts just end up making us laugh at the screen even more! 

8. Okay Computer 

Science fiction and comedy usually don’t go together. Sure, Star Wars had its funny moments, but it also had its serious moments. So it’s a surprise to even us that 2021 gave us a show which does both!

Okay Computer is set in 2031 India. The world is now made up of holograms and technological advances we can only dream of. But crimes still happen as a retired cybercrime specialist is called up again to track down a hacked self-driving car out to kill a human target. The show might sound like a cyberpunk crime series, but believe us, it’s actually funny! 

9. So not worth it 

So not worth it is perhaps the most ambitious drama South Korea has produced in 2021. With a cast that is racially diverse, anyone around the world can relate and enjoy this fun and quirky show! 

Se Wan is your average teaching assistant who is assigned to managing a college dormitory. Only it’s not so easy thanks to so many colorful students residing in the said dorm. From the son of a Multinational company to a broke student who travels five hours a day just to reach college, there will be no lack of interesting characters when you watch this show! 

10. Mismatched 

Can you imagine being set up by your parents in an arranged marriage while you’re still a teenager? Sounds like an unlikely teen show plot, right? Well, that’s exactly what happens in this show! 

Dimple is a career-focused teen who one day meets a romantic heart Rishi. Sparks seem to fly, but Dimple is just not ready for commitment. But too bad for her, because her parents have set her up with Rishi! If you’re looking for a quirky twist in your usual love story, Mismatched is for you! 

People get bored after having just one meal day after day. So it’s natural you can get bored watching that same formula repeating in every show that comes. We hope these quirky shows break the routine for you and truly blow your mind when you watch them this weekend!