Shows like Game of Thrones

Do you love Game of Thrones but are upset at how it ended? Or are you just sad that it ended and now you don’t have anything else to watch? Then worry not because we are here with shows that will take you to their fantasy world just like GoT’s Westeros did! Stick to the end with us and you’ll soon forget GoT and hopefully get started on a show this weekend! 

Shows like Game of Thrones

1. Outlander 

Although the series started in 2014, it is still going strong with the latest season dropping on Netflix in 2022. With five seasons, this historical drama show set in 1743 Scotland will keep you on the edge of your seat for a long time. 

Claire Randall, a nurse serving in the British army during World War II suddenly finds herself thrown back into the past and finds herself in 1743 Scotland. To make matters worse, her life is in danger and the only way to survive is to marry a Scottish hunk named Jaime Fraser. To find what will become of their relationship and how they navigate a Scotland that seems more dangerous than Westeros, you need to watch Outlander today! 

2. The Letter for the King 

We all love how characters in Game of Thrones grew along with us as the seasons went by. You can even say that for young characters like Arya Stark, Game of Thrones was like a coming of age adventure for them and us viewers.If you are craving for that same story where a young character finds their place in a dangerous fantasy world, then Netflix’s latest fantasy show, The Letter for the King will not disappoint you. 

The show is based on a very popular Dutch novel De brief voor de Koning, authored by Tonke Dragt. Tiuri is an upstart young knight who is looking to make a name for himself. He finally gets an opportunity to do so when he is assigned with the mission to deliver a secret message to the King who lives all the way up in the mountains. If you are looking for a bit of a light break after watching Game of Thrones, then The Letter for the King is a perfect fantasy adventure show for you. 

3. Barbarians 

Everyone loved the Dothraki and wanted more of them in Game of Thrones. Who doesn’t love a horde of barbarians thundering down to conquer the biggest of the armies? Unfortunately, we did not get too much barbarian action in GoT, but worry not! The show we are about to tell you will fulfill all your barbarian fantasies! 

The show Barbarian is set in the ancient times when Roman Empire was a thing and Germanic tribes were under their cruel occupation. But when a new hero rises up in the name of Arminius, the Germanic Tribes can finally free themselves. There is only one problem though. Armenius used to be in the Roman army himself. If you want an action-packed evening filled with rousing speeches of heroism and freedom, Barbarian is the show for you.

4. Troy: Fall of a City 

Before there was the epic tale of Westeros there was the even more epic story of Troy city. If you consider yourself an expert on the fantasy genre after watching GoT but have still not watched Troy: Fall of a City, then we are sorry to say, but you are still a newbie. 

Paris the Prince of Troy sparks off a war when he kidnaps Queen Helen from Sparta. In answer, the King of Sparta gathers a thousand ships worth of army to get this Queen back at any cost. If you want to watch a show that is equal parts history and equal parts Greek mythology, Troy: Fall of a city is for you. 

5. Vikings 

If you were team Stark in Game of Thrones or at least liked how uber cool the Northern Kingdom’s aesthetic was, then you will feel right at home with this show. Vikings just like the Starks were hardy and honorable warriors who dressed up in cool fur-laced armors. And the best part? Vikings were actually real people in world history! 

It is the Viking age and Nordic warriors are knocking on the shores of Britain to raid and loot. But not all Vikings are out to plunder, as one Viking Chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok is out to make his own name and maybe even start a whole legacy in his name. Vikings finished in 2020 with six complete seasons, which means you can binge the whole series in 2021 without any fear of being left on a cliffhanger! 

6. Cursed 

While many of us loved Game of Thrones for its action and political drama, there were also some who loved GoT for the magic-based lore it offered. But if you were left wanting more magic from Game of Thrones, we have a show for you that will satisfy all your cravings for witches and magical creatures! 

Cursed is set in the world of Arthurian legend, a world where all sorts of magic is possible. In this world lives a young girl named Nimune. Her ordinary life gets changed forever when she discovers the magical gift she was born with. If you loved Aryan’s coming-of-age story in GoT, you will definitely love Nimune’s story in Cursed! 

7. Knightfall 

Game of Thrones had a lot of political backstabbing, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have good old chivalry that knights of the old times displayed. But if you are craving for more knights and their code of honor, then Knightfall is the show for you. 

It is 1307 and Knight Templars are no longer held at the high prestige they once were at. But when the King of France has almost eradicated all of the Knight Templars, a new leader rises to save his knight order by finding the Holy Grail. If you want to know more about this badass order of knight Templars, then you have to watch Knightfall!

8. Witcher 

There’s absolutely no shame in saying that many of us watched Game of Thrones solely for its ‘bold’ scenes or it’s very attractive-looking characters. Who can not admit that they once had a crush on Khaleesi or Jon Snow? So if you are sad over losing your fantasy eye candies after finishing Game of Thrones, you can always try Netflix’s latest dark fantasy show, Witcher! 

Geralt, played by a very hunky Henry Cavill, is a monster hunter called the Witcher. Sadly, even if he kills monsters, everyone hates him, making him want to stay away from human affairs. But when his old flame comes back, he has no choice but to get involved in human wars to save everything he holds dead. If you are looking for a gritty and dark show that is similar to GoT, then Witcher is the perfect show for you! 

9. Dracula 

Game of Thrones had everything except vampires, which is really a shame since GoT has dragons in it! Historical vampires unlike their modern counterparts are actually scary and exhilarating to watch on screen. Vampires of the old are not romantic heroes of affection but are dangerous blood drinkers as they should. 

Dracula is set during the Victorian time period, with haunting castles and age-appropriate dress code. Count Dracula is looking to enter London and wreck take over the city with his vampiric abilities, but there is just one hurdle on the way. And you’ll never guess what it is! We’ll give you a hint: it’s a vampire hunting nun! Can’t believe it? Then watch Dracula on Netflix and find out for yourself! 

10. Dragon’s Dogma 

Okay, we admit Dragon’s Dogma is an animated series, something that is really different from Game of Thrones. But do you know what it has in common with GoT? Dragons! And if you watch the show yourself, you’ll find it has a lot more in common with GoT itself! 

Ethan is a warrior who has lost everything to a dragon, even his own heart. Now he is out on a quest to find the Dragon and kill it. But there’s a catch. With every demon he kills on the way, he loses his very humanity bit by bit. Will he still be the same person when he finally reaches the dragon he set out to kill? If you are able to overlook that this is an animated show, we assure you of a good time watching Dragon’s Dogma! 

Whether you love or hate Game of Thrones, you have to admit it was an important part of our lives and we all secretly miss it. We hope that the shows in this list will fill the void left behind by GoT and provide you with many weekends full of entertainment!