Shows like Lucifer that you cannot miss

Lucifer is one of the most beloved shows of the current young audience. With a total of five seasons, the show has kept everyone entertained for a long while. But with season five coming to an end in 2020 and with no season six on sight, people are left wanting more. Where else would we find a show with a hot supernatural protagonist and a great story altogether? Well, don’t worry because we are here to satisfy your Lucifer craving! There are plenty of shows that feature mysterious hot boys with a great story to boot, and we will tell you the best of them! 

1. Supernatural 

If you got into Lucifer for the hot devil, then the supernatural has plenty of attractive eye candies to admire on the screen. With actors like Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins, rest assured you will have a hard time deciding who to simp after her in this show! 

The show follows the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean who work together as supernatural hunters. Their brotherly bond gets tested again and again as they hunt down all kinds of supernatural creatures all around the country. But what will they do when they have to face God and the Devil themselves? If you want a show to keep you entertained for the rest of 2021, the. Supernatural’s fifteen seasons will definitely get that job done! 

2. Vampire diaries 

Vampire Diaries is very similar to Lucifer if you consider vampires as just another kind of damned from Hell. Especially when the vampires are as good-looking as Satan himself! But you’re not here just for that, of course. What about the plot? If so, then don’t worry because Vampire Diaries will definitely not disappoint you with its roller coaster of a storyline! 

Elena Gilbert is the new girl in the mysterious Mystic Falls who just wants to get through her high school. But on her first day itself, she comes across not one but two vampires at her school! It’s bad enough that both are interested in her, but they are also brothers! If you are looking for a supernatural show that comes with a dose of teenage drama, the Vampire Diaries is the perfect show for you! 

3. American Gods 

Unlike Lucifer, American Gods feature different kinds of supernatural entities who are definitely not from Hell. But that doesn’t make American Gods a show not worth watching! The line between the devils and the Gods is thin, and no series other than American Gods show that better. 

A man named Shadow Moon has just got out of prison when he learns he has lost his wife. While he is struggling to move on from this tragic news he meets a mysterious man who offers him the job of being his bodyguard. But this could very well be his last job as he soon finds himself right in the middle of an all-out war between the Old and New Gods.

4. Preacher 

A preacher recently came to an end in 2019, so you don’t have to worry about being left on a cliffhanger. And why should you watch Preacher you may now ask? Because not only is it an absolutely brilliant show, but it also shares many similarities with Lucifer! 

Both shows have an anti-hero protagonist who has daddy issues. And both struggle to be good despite their many vices. If you are a Lucifer fan, you’ll be right at home with Preacher! 

5. Good Omens 

Lucifer had many things, but didn’t we all wish for an epic teaming up of angels and devils in that show? If so then worry not because ‘Good Ones’ has exactly that! If you cannot imagine a devil and an angel teaming up for the good of the world, then you have to watch this show! 

You’d think angels and demons are eternal friends but the angel and demon in Good Omens are actually good friends. And good thing because an antichrist is about to show up along with the doomsday. So they team up to ensure that mortals will get the chance to survive. If you want to see a Lucifer-like show that will also make you laugh every minute, Good Omens is for you! 

6. Shadow and Bone 

Not everyone loves Lucifer for Tom Ellis’s hot booty. Many of us love the show for its fascinating lore and dark fantasy elements. If you are among those few, then 2021’s latest fantasy show ‘Shadow and Bone’ will hit the right Lucifer spot! 

The show is set in the dark fantasy world based on the novels created by author Leigh Bardugo. People who can control the natural elements have few places to be safe in this world. In one such place called Revka, these gifted humans are trained as super soldiers to end a long-lasting War. What will a common girl do when she gets kidnapped to finally end the War? If you want to watch an epic fantasy show that is full of suspense like Lucifer, then Shadow of Bone is for you. 

7. The Witcher 

We have another show for people who want to watch something with the same dark supernatural vibes. Or if you want a show that has a protagonist who can rival Tom Ellis! The Witcher works for both these camps, so strap in and get ready to toss a coin to your Witcher in this epic dark fantasy! 

Geralt (played by Henry Cavill) is a Witcher, a mutated monster killer whom everyone hates. But even if Geralt struggles to find his place in this hateful world, he only ends up realizing every time that the humans he meets in this journey are often more dangerous than the monsters he’s made to kill. If you are looking to pass the time after finishing Lucifer’s latest season, you should definitely give Witcher a try! Its latest season is going to be out by the end of 2021! 

8. Warrior Nun

Lucifer was a lot about exploring the line between good and evil. The protagonist Lucifer Morningstar himself, while not a completely good guy, is not an absolute douchebag either. If you are searching for a similar show which shows this conflict between good and evil, then Warrior Nun will be an ideal watch for you. 

A nineteen-year-old teenager is in for the surprise of her life when she wakes up from the dead in a morgue. And if that was not bad, she now has amazing new powers she has to live with! To top everything off, she is now stuck in the middle of a war between heaven and hell, and she can’t decide which one is good and which one is evil. 

9. Legacies 

While not exactly as mature as Lucifer, Legacies shares a similar supernatural genre with it. And it definitely has the drama and conflict between two opposing sides which Lucifer fans will love. If you are in the mood of experimenting with the supernatural genre after watching Lucifer, Legacies is the show for you! 

Legacies follow Hope Mikaelson who carries a ton load of legacies on her young shoulders, no pun intended. With vampire, werewolf, and witch blood inside her, she has to contend with three factions who are after her. And what is the best part? She has just recently joined a school filled with supernatural beings like her. Fun times are definitely ahead for both Hope and the show’s viewers ahead! 

10. Chilling adventures of Sabrina 

If you are right now thinking about how the 90s Sabrina can even be like Lucifer, then throw that idea out! This Sabrina from 2018’s hit shows Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is as gritty and dark as Lucifer. She even has daddy issues just like our favorite fallen angel! If you are looking for a show like Lucifer, then we definitely think this show comes pretty close! 

Sabrina, just like Lucifer, is stuck living a dual life. Thanks to being a half-witch, she has to not only deal with the human high school but also has to be a sorcery student in the magical world. And to make everything better, she finds out her actual father is a literal Satan! If you want to meet Lucifer’s daughter (you will know who she is), then you have to watch the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix today! 

We know you are bummed out after finishing the last season of Lucifer, but don’t give up yet! With so many similar options available, we will guarantee to keep you occupied until the next season of Lucifer drops! Until then we hope you will have a great time with the shows we suggested to you! You will definitely not miss Lucifer while watching them!