Top 10 shows on VOOT

Voot is among the latest in the OTT platform market but is growing its own loyal fan base with every original release. In the beginning, it was mostly known for its kid’s shows and a decent list of movies, but over time it is rightfully becoming a juggernaut in entertaining its audience with fresh offerings like Asur and Your Honour. If you are still unaware of what Voot has to offer, then let us help by giving you the top shows you can watch on Voot in 2021! 😀

1. Asur 

We have to start the list with the best show on Voot. Asur is not only the most critically acclaimed show but is also the most-watched show on Voot. And with English subtitles available, international audiences should definitely not miss out on this gem of a show. 

Asur follows the investigative officer Dhananjay who has been framed for the murder of his wife. Not only does he have to find out the killer of his wife, but he also has to clear his name and stay on the run from the authorities after him. But as the mysterious death of his wife starts to unravel, it becomes very clear that this was no ordinary crime. If you are looking for an exciting weekend, you should definitely give Boot’s Asur a try! 

2. Elementary 

Do you like mystery and crime thriller genres? Are you a fan of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes? Then what are you doing not watching Elementary yet?! This is a must-watch show for any lover of mystery and crime out there. Your favorite Sherlock Holmes is back in a contemporary avatar to amaze you with his wits. And this time he has an even better assistant in the form of one and only Joan Watson! 

Elementary’s Sherlock Holmes is a washed-up drug addict who has teamed up with the medical surgeon Dr. Joan Watson this time to continue on in his profession of ‘consulting detective’. But a bigger crime may be ahead in front of the duo with every small case they solve. If you don’t want to miss out on all the detective action, then watch Elementary on Voot today! 

3. The Good Lord Bird 

If you’re into historic shows, you’re in luck because Voot has something exactly for you. The good lord bird will transfer you into the era of 1859 when the abolition movement of America was in full swing. From dresses, to set pieces to the characters, everything is polished to perfection in this show! >.< 

Henry Shackleford joins John Brown in his crusade against slavery after he frees him. The ragtag group of John Brown is planning to execute the infamous raid at Harper’s ferry. If you are not aware of the history behind this seminal event in American history, we will not spoil it for you. Instead, we suggest you watch the show on Voot and learn a bit of history yourself! 

4. A Million Little Things

Okay, we have talked enough about the crime shows on Voot for now. It would be unfair to not introduce you to some of the lighthearted shows Voot has to offer for one of your chill weekends. And among them, a million little things is definitely the best! 

The show follows a group of friends who are just living their simple and happy lives together. But all of that changes when one of them suddenly passes away. The rest of the friends then have to come together and move on from this tragic death, dealing with grief along the way. If you want a show that will make you feel fuzzy with friendship goals, then this is the show for you! 

5. Dexter 

When it comes to crime shows Voot definitely has to be the best place to watch the best of them. Among the many crimes series Voot has to offer, Dexter especially stands out and is definitely a must-watch. If you still haven’t watched this classic crime drama yet, then what have you been doing all this time? But don’t worry, 2021 is still not too late to get on the Dexter train! 

Dexter at first glance is an awkward young man working as a forensic technician. But behind that cheery smile is a lethal killer who kills horrible criminals during the night. We wouldn’t say Dexter is a superhero, but he is definitely not the bad guy either. To find out just what exactly Dexter is watch this show on Voot today! 

6. Your Honor 

If you are a County Judge and have to one day preside over the judgment of your own child, what will you do? This is exactly the premise ‘Your Honour’ explores. When a judge’s son gets caught in a hit-and-run case, the judge cannot decide on doing the right thing. But what if hiding his son is actually the right choice? 

With Bryan Cranston starring as the New Orleans judge Michael Desiato, this show makes for a compelling watch for any exciting weekend. 

7. The Office 

No, we are not talking about the more famous American adaptation of ‘The Office’. We are here talking about the original thing. If you claim to be an Office fan without even watching the show that began it all, then you are a fake fan! Thankfully, Voot has the UK version of the Office that you can watch! 

The show revolves around the staff of the Hogg paper company in Berkshire. David Brent is Michael Scott’s counterpart, who is really trying hard to keep his staff motivated with his uninspiring jokes. With it’s dry British sense of humor, The Office is a great comedic escape for any weekend! If you want to experience the original magic of The office, you have to watch this show! 

8. Madam Secretary

Till now we have talked of criminal dramas, comedy-dramas, and love dramas. But how about some political drama? If you are in the mood of watching a show that will make your brain cells work with all its political machinations, then Voot has you covered with Madam Secretary! 

Created by the legendary Barbara Hall, Madam Secretary revolves around Elizabeth McCord. Once the top analyst at the CIA, she now works as the Secretary of the State. With both her work and personal relationships at stake, it’s up to Elizabeth to protect everything she cares for. If you are looking for a complex political show, Madam Secretary fills in all the checklists. 

9. Why Women kill 

Just the name of this show catches interest, right? The show is as compelling as it sounds as well. And no, it is not the criminal thriller drama that you are expecting. It is actually a comedic drama that will leave you laughing on the couch. 

The show spans three decades: the 60s, the 80s, and 2019. Every decade, it tells the story of a woman struggling with her cheating husband. Do these women end up killing their philandering husbands in gruesome ways? You have to watch this amazing show to find out! 

10. The Good Wife 

If you are looking for a long-term show that will keep you entertained for the rest of 2021, the good wife is your perfect match. With seven seasons and 156 episodes, this show will keep your 2021 packed with entertainment! 

The story follows the life of a single mother, Alicia Florrick. After her husband is imprisoned on sex and corruption charges, she is left alone to raise her two children. Left with no choice, the stay-at-home mom for thirteen years is forced to pick up the job of being a litigator again.

Now it’s up to Alicia to prove to the world that she is so much more than just being a ‘good wife’. With five Emmys under its belt, The Good wife is a masterpiece in drama telling and should definitely be on your 2021 watchlist. 

In the OTT market of big players, Voot has carved its own niche of providing solid entertainment to its audience. We hope this list has made you more aware of all the best shows you can watch on Voot right now. With its impressive catalog of shows and easy accessibility, Voot can become a part of your weekend streaming if you give it a chance!