Top Ten inspirational movies on Netflix

Did you have a really inspiring day today? A day at work gone wrong? Messed up at something that should have gone right? If that’s the case, we understand you must be feeling really bummed out right now. But not to worry, as we know just the thing to bring some motivation into you! 

Science says that when people watch stories of ordinary people doing great things, they feel inspired. And what better platform to find inspirational movies than Netflix? With its wide selection of movies from every genre, you can have any movie you want on your screen! But we also understand that with so many options available, choosing the right one can be hard. So we bring you the top 10 inspirational movies that you can watch on Netflix this 2021! 

1. Begin again 

If you are reeling from a bad breakup and feel like you would never find love again, Begin Again is the movie for you. Not only will it inspire you to believe in love again, but it will also help you to move on from your past and look forward to the future. You never know who is out there waiting for you! 

Gretta is an upcoming songwriter who just went through a bad breakup. Her longtime boyfriend ditching her cruelly didn’t help her already low self-worth either. But just when she is thinking there is no hope for either in love or in the songs she writes, someone notices her. And not just anyone, but a record label executive notices her! Will this two-strike more than one chord with each other in this partnership? Watch Begin again on Netflix and find out! 

2. Dangal 

If you ever feel like the underdog in the race of life, always remember that there are people out there who had it worse and still came out winning. Among them were the Dangal girls who had to fight against all odds to get success. Curious who these Dangal girls are? Then let us tell you all about the movie Dangal! 

Dangal is an Indian movie that tells the story of a former wrestler who hopes for a son to win a gold medal in the commonwealth games. But he instead gets daughters. He soon realizes that gold is gold, whether a son brings it home or his daughter. And so he starts to train his daughters in wrestling against all the societal judgment he faces. If you are a Bollywood fan and want your daughter to be inspired by good role models, Dangal is the perfect choice for that! 

3. Seven pounds 

If we are talking about inspirational movies, then the name of Will Smith has to come up. The Hollywood star just knows how to get our blood pumping with motivation with his powerful movies. One among them and probably the best one is Seven Pounds. If you are someone who

has made mistakes and wants to right them, then this movie will definitely strike a chord with you. 

Ben Thomas (played by Will Smith) is a man with a past he regrets. He worked as an IRS agent and feels responsible for the seven deaths he caused because of his mistake, one of them even being his fiancée. But after years of mourning, he is finally ready to redeem himself by changing the life of seven people. To watch this inspirational tale of redemption you have to watch Seven Pounds on Netflix today! 

4. The Little Prince 

If you are searching for an inspirational movie for your kids, then we have a great pick for them! The Little Prince will teach your children the importance of just living in the moment and cherishing the human bonds they make. To think of it, maybe this movie will also teach us adults about how important cherishing our relationships is! 

The story revolves around a girl who does not get along with her strict mother. When this mother daughter moves to a new place, they get an eccentric but neighbor who used to be an aviator. What follows next is a magical ride as the neighbor takes the daughter on a journey to a magical world where every wild imagination is possible. But it’s really the ending that is inspiring for kids. Watching the mother and daughter finally reconcile their differences will surely bring a tear to your eyes when you watch this film! 

5. Into the wild 

Sometimes life becomes so rough you may want to just leave everything and go off into the wilderness where there are no pesky office deadlines to meet or social obligations to keep. But most of us can’t really afford to do that, which is why movies like Into the Wild exist to satisfy all your wanderlust dreams! 

Christopher Johnson McCandless is a guy who has both a long name and a long list of complaints against his life. He finally gets fed up with what city life has to offer and decides to give away everything he owned to charity and goes hiking to Alaska. With beautiful scenic shots of Alaska accompanied by a breathtaking soundtrack, Into the Wild makes for an exhilarating watch any weekend! 

6. Forrest Gump 

Listen, there’s no kinder way to tell you this, but if you still haven’t watched this gem of a film, then you need to improve your cinema tastes. Not only is Forrest Gump the winner of six academy awards but it is still relevant to this day even after so many years have passed since its release. If you want to watch something worthwhile in 2021, you need to watch Forrest Gump this year! 

Forrest Gump (Played by Tom Hanks) dreams big despite having a below-average IQ. From being a war veteran of the Vietnam war to opening his own shrimp company to finally get the girl of his dreams, one has to watch this movie to experience the amazing journey of Forrest

Gump. If you feel like you are stuck at a dead-end, then watch Forrest Gump just to hear his famous inspiring dialogue: “Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” 

7. Pay it forward 

Do you ever feel that whatever good you do in life amounts to nothing in the world? That no matter how much you try, you can’t make this world a better place? If yes, then you need to watch ‘Pay it forward’ to get some optimism in your life! 

The movie starts off with a social studies teacher (played by Kevin Spacey) giving one of his students Trevor a strange assignment of trying to change the world by individual efforts. The young boy decides to do this by doing kind deeds to three strangers. If you are wondering Trevor’s idea can actually change the world, then watch Pay it forward and find out! 

8. The boy who harnessed the wind 

There’s no denying that many of us live a privileged life and forget that there are many out there who have it way worse than any of us. So it’s good to knock ourselves down a peg whenever we whine about our third-world problem, and instead look towards the extraordinary stories of people who rise against all odds. The boy who harnessed the wind is one such story. 

William Kamkuamb is a thirteen-year-old boy living in Malawi, Africa. Life was already hard but then he got kicked out of his school when he couldn’t afford to pay school fees. And if that’s not bad, his village is suffering through a famine, leaving all villagers bereft of food. And what do you think our little hero does to solve this? He builds a fully functional wind turbine to sow the crops! If you want to watch something inspirational, nothing can be more inspiring than a thirteen-year-old boy who built a wind turbine that most engineers struggle to build! And do you know what’s the best part about this movie? It’s all based on a true story! 

9. The bucket list 

Do you have a bucket list of things you want to do before you die? Or a lifelong dream that you want to achieve but instead have been putting it off for so many reasons? Then maybe you should watch ‘The bucket list’ to finally get that one last inspiring push to go ahead and do the things you’ve been wanting to do! 

You wouldn’t expect a billionaire and a mechanic to become friends, but life can work in strange ways, especially in movies! When two men with a common terminal disease meet each other they decide to do everything that they have wanted to do in life but could never do before. Why wait for someday when you’re about to die, right? If you want to get inspired to make your own bucket list of things to do, this movie is a perfect inspiration for it! 

10. Padman 

When it comes to making inspiring movies, no one can beat Bollywood. There’s just something surreal about how Bollywood shows humans making the best out of the worst circumstances.

One such movie is Padman, where a man takes up a fight no one even thought was necessary to fight against menstruation. 

Menstruation has for a long time been a hush-hush topic in India, which inadvertently leads to several deaths, all due to a lack of information and resources. Based on the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham, Padman follows the life of a man who comes up with the idea of cheap sanitary pads accessible to the poorest of women. If you want to meet a real superhero in life, then you should definitely watch Padman! 

When life gives you lemons, don’t just make lemonade. Instead, switch on your Netflix and put on one of the many inspirational movies on this list! We hope these inspirational movies will help you turn your demotivating weekend into an inspirational one!