Web Series that will make you cry

Believe it or not, it’s good to cry sometimes. To just let out all that repressed bad emotions and just bawl your eyes out until you feel refreshingly empty. Just ask anyone who has a breakup and how they deal with it! If you still don’t believe us, then we will give you the top shows on the internet that will make you cry! So get your blankets and ice cream ready because it is time to get those tear ducts flowing! 

1. The Queen’s Gambit 

Don’t you feel like crying when you are stacked up against impossible odds? But before you start crying at how difficult life is, watch Queen’s Gambit know just how bad life can suck. 

Beth Harmon is an orphaned girl during the murky Cold War era. She is a chess prodigy, but is unfortunately born during a time girls were not allowed to play chess. Beth’s incredible journey from rags to respect will surely make you cry. The ending especially will make you cry happy tears for Beth finally getting the respect she deserved! 

2. Alma Matters: Inside the IIT Dream 

Normally documentaries don’t make people cry. But some of them can touch life-related topics so close to our hearts that even the most stoic of us will tear up. One such documentary is Netflix India’s Alma Matters: Inside the IIT Dream. 

For those who don’t know, IIT is one of the premier educational institutions in India where millions of students aspire to go every year. In this heat of intense competition countless students give up their childhood, and in a worst-case scenario, their lives. If you want to face one of the harshest realities of student life, this three-part documentary series is for you. 

3. Young Royals 

Young love is something beautiful to experience. But thanks to societal norms and prejudices, many of us can’t even dream of finding loving that is of our own choice. The protagonist of this show is one such individual, trapped between his duty and his love. 

Prince Wilhelm of Sweden comes from a life of both privilege and restrictions. When he thought he’ll finally get to be free at his new boarding school, he instead ends up feeling even more trapped between the choice he has to make. If you want to see a heart-wrenching coming of age story, Young Royals is for you. 

4. Who killed Sara 

Just the thought of losing someone near and dear to us is unthinkable. But what if there is a show which makes it even a notch further? Who killed Sara answers exactly this, as its the protagonist is put through the wringer so damn hard that it’s really okay if you end up crying shedding a sympathetic tear for the poor dude.

The series follows Alex, a man who has stayed in prison for 18 years because someone implicated him in the murder of his own sister. And now he’s finally out and hunting for blood. But will revenge bring his beloved sister back? If you want to watch a show that will give you both action and heavy emotions, then Who killed Sara should be on top of your weekend list. 

5. Hello, me! 

There’s a time in our life when we just don’t feel like doing anything. We simply get burned out and our motivation to accomplish our goals takes a nosedive. And we all know how hard this phase in our life can be. This Kdrama perfectly captures it. 

Bahn Ha-ni has just given up on life and all the dreams she had for the future. She wonders where her past enthusiasm for life went away. That is until her seventeen-year-old self somehow shows up in front of her! If you want to see a show that will make you both cry tears of sadness and happiness, then ‘Hello, me!’ is your show! 

6. Selena: the series 

It’s tragic that some great people come into our life like a storm of light and then flicker out in a span of quick seconds. One such person was Selena Quintanilla. 

In the 80s people will know who this legendary popstar was. Selena Quintanilla was the best Tejano singer world has probably seen. But unfortunately, she was taken away too soon from the world. If you want to spend your weekend paying tribute to this legend, then tune into Selena: the series asap! 

7. Walker 

If you mistake this show for your average Western cowboy series, then oh boy are you wrong! Yes, we won’t deny the show doesn’t have some good old gunfights and lassoing, but it also tells the tale of a father and husband who has lost far too much in life. 

Cordell Walker is a widower who has returned home only to find disconnected from his two children. And if that’s not enough, he is still searching for the truth behind her wife’s untimely death. Walker is the perfect show if you want to see how a person deals with grief and connects with their distant family. 

8. Feel Good 

Did you just have a breakup? Or have you finally given up on finding that one true love? Then let us draw your attention to this British comedy-drama that will not only reignite your belief in love but also make you cry while doing it! 

Mae Martin is a former drug addict who is struggling with relapse. But when she meets her one chance at love, she has to finally kick her old vices for good. With one of the most realistic depictions of struggle with drug addiction, Feel Good truly is one of a tearjerker show that will leave you feeling bittersweet.

9. The Underground Railroad 

Just the subject of slavery is enough to stir up emotions among all of us. It is one of the most heinous aspects of human history across the world. But just because it’s bad doesn’t mean you get to forget history! 

Cora is a runaway slave in the 1800s America looking to make a new life in a faraway land. But with a slave hunter after her, can she make it? If you want to watch Cora’s incredible journey to freedom, then The Underground Railroad is a must-watch! 

10. Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 

Nothing can get the tears rolling down our cheeks as Kdramas can. The way they hype up angst in romance and make us wait for that final damn kiss can make the most patient of us cry in frustration. But this Kdrama is not your average meet-cute story. 

Three women of different ages work together on a radio show. All of them face problems in their marriage that will just make you feel for these poor women. If you want to watch a show with real-life marriage problems that will make you not think of ever marrying, this is the show for you! 

Crying can be therapeutic, and research has proved this! So instead of watching comedy shows after a bad day at work, try watching something that will make you cry instead? We hope this list will help you find a show that will be perfect for setting the sad mood!