Answers to Every Question You Have Ever Had About Rubber Flooring

What is Rubber Flooring?

Rubber Flooring is a special flooring made from either natural tree rubber or from old synthetic materials – mostly old tires and sometimes old sports shoes. It is designed to add spring and extra padding underfoot.

Where can Rubber Flooring be used?

Rubber flooring is most commonly used in gyms and playgrounds. They are very easy to install and require very low maintenance. Rubber flooring is now also available in various patterns and colors, which has made it an option for flooring in houses too.

Is Rubber Flooring Eco-Friendly? 

Since rubber flooring is mostly made out of old materials like old tires and old athletic shoes, it is eco-friendly – which is pretty important in today’s world. 

Is it Safe To use?

Plain smooth rubber flooring can be slippery when it is wet, but now, this flooring comes along with raised patterns for extra grip and safety. Rubber has a soft cushion and insulation, just in case, someone falls on it. So it is safe to use and is not considered a risk to people’s health. 

Is it Affordable?

From a financial point of view, rubber flooring is fairly cheap. It won’t leave a hole in your pocket.

A Few things you should know about Rubber Flooring:

  • It is available in various patterns, colors, and thicknesses.
  • The colorful and printed rubber that you choose will give your floor the look and feel that you desire.
  • It is easy to clean and take care of but acetone-based cleaning products should never be used on it as it can cause damage to the floor.
  • Rubber floors are available in various variants, some of which include mats, sheets, and tiles. Tiles are like the normal ones except these are made out of rubber and are available in different designs and patterns. Sheets are a wall to wall roll that covers the floor from one wall to the other. The sheet can be cut in order to fit even if there are any other obstacles that cannot be moved or placed on top of the flooring. Mats are medium-sized pieces of flooring that fit in together and are put around the room. 
  • The flooring may not provide a perfect seal and may sometimes need external sealing agents in order to provide a perfect seal.
  • Installation of rubber flooring is easy and cheap. Prices of rubber flooring are fairly cheap for basic ones, prices of the high-end flooring with modern designs and different colors can get a little expensive.

PROS of Having Rubber Floors:

Rubber Flooring has a lot of benefits. I have listed some of the major ones below:

  1. They are highly Durable: Rubber flooring is known to be highly durable and long-lasting. It is a strong material and it is easy to maintain well – that is – if it is waxed on a regular basis so that it becomes water-resistant. Waxing it will help it look new and better and last longer every time it is waxed.
  2. It can be customized to fit your needs: The price ranges for rubber flooring vary from affordable to very expensive high-end ones. It comes in different patterns, colors, styles, and grip patterns. This gives every individual the chance to find one that they really like.
  3. They provide Insulation: Rubber is elastic and thick. It can absorb sound and act as a sound insulator. Materials used to make it reduce the sound that is transmitted (especially between floors in apartment buildings or houses – where footsteps can be heard from above).
  4. Rubber Flooring is Water resistant: Rubber is not porous and it does not absorb water. Thus making it the perfect surface for rooms having a wet environment, like the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room.
  5. It provides comfort:  Rubber is a very soft material. It is very comfortable to walk on. When you stand on it, it compresses, which makes it even softer to walk on. It also cushions your fall or the drop of an object.

CONS of Having Rubber Floors:

As we all know, everything has a downside. Even rubber flooring. So before you make up your mind to have it in your home, you must look into the following things and then make your final decision. 

  1. They can be Slippery: At times, rubber flooring can be slippery. Though it has a grip, the surface could become slippery if gets wet.
  2. They Smell: The smell of rubber is not toxic and it does not put anyone’s life at risk. But the smell is very strong and does stay for quite a while after it is installed.
  3. It leaves Stains: Even though rubber flooring is very sturdy and durable, it could be damaged and show stains if something is dropped on it. These stains cannot be washed away or removed.