Earthy Themed Bedroom: 9 Basic Décor Items you need

What Is Earthy Décor?

Earthy Themed Bedroom Decor

Earthy Décor is décor that has a natural look. It involves having décor with earthy and neutral colours – like splashes of brown, green and grey. It balances out organic, rustic hues along with white plus off-white accents. People add in textural elements like wooden and rattan accents. It is for people who want to bring in the outdoors and feel more connected with nature. 

If you want to surround yourself with natural tones and things from nature, I have some of the most basic earthy décor you could get. Earthy décor is currently trending, a large number of people have started to decorate their rooms after seeing how pretty and aesthetic it looks and to feel like they are one with nature. A majority of young celebs have their bedrooms filled with earthy décor. It is very simple to maintain a room with this décor. It is pretty minimalistic. You will not need too much décor, just a few basic things that are important. Before you start to put out this décor you need to de-clutter your room and create space. So, keep scrolling for some Earthy Bedroom Décor you definitely need if you want to follow this trend. 

Earthy Bedroom Décor 

Earthy and Nature Themed Bedroom Decor

  1. Indoor Plants: With an earthy theme where you are bringing in the outdoors, the first thing you definitely need to have in your room in Plants! There are certain ones that match this theme very well like succulents, mini cacti and ivy leaves. The succulents and mini cacti can be kept on the bedside table or a study table and the ivy leaves can be hung up on the wall. If you want to, you could get a mini tree and place it in a corner of the room. Another thing you could get a floating wooden shelf and put it upright about the head of the bed. Fill it up with as many indoor plants as you can.
  2. A Standing Mirror: Every bedroom needs a mirror which is used when you are dressing up and for pictures. Having a full-length mirror is more useful. It can be used for mirror selfies and to show off outfits. To match the earthy theme, get one with a thick brown frame. You can keep the mirror standing up or fix it on a wall.  
  3. Sheets: Linen sheets and duvet covers for your bed, in earthy colours like off-white, brown and green can be used to match the earthy tone. They also make the bed extra comfy to sleep in.
  4. Pillows: Having many pillows around makes the room extra cosy. Get large pillows and keep them on the bed. Preferably in an off-white shade. If you have a mini couch in your bedroom, you could also throw some pillows on it.
  5. Nature in a Frame: Get some natural elements like feathers and put them in a plain frame. For a more textured look, you can put photographs, topographical maps, pressed plants and wildflowers into the frame too (maybe make a collage). You can keep them in a standing frame on your study table or bedside table or put them up on a wall. 
  6. Sheer Curtain: To create a space that feels like you are away from others and are lying under the starry night sky, you can drape a sheer curtain like a canopy above your bed. If you do not want to do this, you can just use them as curtains for your windows. 
  7. Colourful Rugs: Just because you are going for an earthy theme, does not mean colours are banished. If colours bring you joy, you could definitely let them surround you. Maybe you could have fewer colours in your room and have mainly earthy ones, but a few objects with colours won’t hurt. You can get a colourful rug for your floor and place it beside your bed.
  8. Study Table: When you buy furniture, get ones that have an earthy texture. Whether it is a bed, bedside table, study table or cupboard, sturdy wood looks would be the perfect choice of material. They look really good and match this theme flawlessly. 
  9. Wall of Photographs: Have a wall in your bedroom just for pictures. You can either print out photos you have taken on your phone or use ones you have taken on a polaroid. There are 2 things that you could do with the pictures – either you can arrange them all neatly with equal spacing between each or you can make a collage with all the pics and add in some random aesthetic pics. Fill up the whole wall and keep updating it with new pictures as you take more. It is a great way to look back at past events that brought you happiness.