Cheap and Decorative Decor for Your First Apartment 

When you first move into your own apartment, it’s a huge step. Living alone and paying for it on your own. Having to save up money to pay the bills and take care of yourself. It is an exciting experience that almost everyone gets to experience. But in addition to moving into your own apartment, having a home décor that shows your personality and makes your apartment feel like home, is definitely something needed. But one concern that most people have is the budget. Having to spend additional on things to fill up the house can be quite taxing. A huge number of people do become hesitant to spend a lot on home décor.

But lucky for you, not all home décor is expensive. There are so many things that are affordable and that do not come with a high price tag. So, if you are one of those people looking for cheap home décor for your new apartment, keep scrolling for some lovely home décor! 

Cheap Decor for First Apartment 

Cheap Decor for First Apartment 


  1. Have Everything in Light Colours: Having a light-colored kitchen, particularly white, gives a clean finish to your kitchen. This subtle detail will make your kitchen more look attractive and eye-catching. This can also be done with the help of wallpapers if you want to spend less yet have a complete makeover.
  2. Put Up More Shelves: Nothing is more attractive than an organized and clean space. It makes everything easily accessible. Depending on the size of the kitchen, smaller open display shelves can be installed. To give old shelves a fresh look, you can use vinyl wraps.
  3. Hang Up Lights: Basic wall hanging lights can give your kitchen an elegant look. Bright lights will keep the kitchen well-lit and make it look very attractive.


Cheap living room Decor for First Apartment 

  1. Put out Carpets and Rugs: A carpet or a rug will change the look of the floor. It will also create a calmer atmosphere.
  2. Have Display Shelves on Your Walls: There are a wide variety of display shelves available for an individual to choose from. This can help to have things neatly arranged as well as add to the looks of the apartment. You can decorate it by arranging plants, books, candles, figurines, and photo frames on it.
  3. Try Out the Hexagon Mirror Trend: The latest trends in home décor include having hexagon wall mirrors. Hexagon wall mirrors bring out a modern and attractive look to your wall. You can also customize it by placing the hexagons in any pattern that you would like to. 


  1. Wall Art: A painting or canvas adds a mix of colors to the walls. Even frames of quotes by famous people or other motivational quotes can be hung on the walls. These quotes could help kick start your day and give the feeling of motivation. You could also put up stickers.
  2. Potted Plants: Potted plants will give a natural and aesthetic look to the room. It does not necessarily have to be a large plant. Even small plants are lovely to have and will provide a calm and relaxing feel. 
  3. Table Cloths: Table cloths can help make the dining table change its looks as per the occasions. It also makes it easier to clean and maintain. You can DIY your own table cloths by embroidering or painting plain cloth cutouts.


  1. Wallpapers: Wallpapers give an affordable makeover to your room. It gives a more personal feel and the availability of a wide collection can help you find the perfect one to fit in your bedroom.
  2. Bedside Lamps: A firefly jar or a lava lamp is a good way to light up the room a little before you head to bed. Both of them look very attractive. Bedside lamps are available in many different designs and if a firefly jar and a bedside lamp don’t suit you, you can always choose from a wide variety of other bedside lamps. 
  3. Dream catcher: Dream catchers are attractive-looking handmade objects that are known to bring good luck and ward off nightmares. Instead of buying one, you can DIY it at home.


  1. A Mirror cabinet is Always Useful: A mirror cabinet serves two purposes – it helps to keep all grooming accessories together and it is also a mirror. It is very useful storage space.
  2. Get Ceramic sets: A perfect set for keeping necessary basic items in a neat and tidy manner. It helps to complement the look of the bathroom with a matching set to keep brushes, toothpaste, soap, and other things in.
  3. A shelf for the Corner: It is placed in the shower above the tub to hold all the necessary products needed for your shower or bath.


  1. Incense burner: A ceramic incense burner cone holder is a good way to fill the room with a nice fragrance while also providing it with a visually pleasing spectacle.
  2. Motivational and inspirational quotes: Putting up motivational and inspirational quotes in a home office helps to drive you towards doing your best when you feel demotivated.
  3. Paperweights: Paperweights are the easiest way to keep necessary documents from being misplaced or accidentally falling off the table when you are working.