Top 10 Indian web series IMDb rating

Many people believe that Indian web shows are relatively low quality when compared to their western counterparts. If you also think the same then let us prove you wrong! Plenty of Indian web shows make it to the IMDB hall of fame, and we will tell you the best of them! So clear your next weekend because here is the list of top ten web series with the highest IMDB rating! 

Top 10 Indian web series IMDb rating

1. Kota Factory 

If you were a student in India, then you already know what Kota is all about. If you’re not aware, then let us tell you that Kota is a hub of coaching institutes that swallow students with dreams and churn out students with broken dreams. Sounds depressing? That’s exactly what Kota Factory is about. 

Kota Factory shows a very bitter truth about the level of competition students face in India. The game is rigged already against the student, and Kota Factory shows how coaching institutes exploit the students even more. If you want to spend your weekend watching something that hits too close to home, Kota Factory is for you. 

2. Breathe: Into the Shadows 

How far would you go if someone you love gets kidnapped? Will you just settle for filing a police report? If your answer is no, then you should meet Dr. Avinash from the show Breathe: Into the Shadows. 

Dr. Avinash Sabharwal is devastated with grief when his six-year-old daughter Siya gets kidnapped. But wait, there’s a twist! The kidnapper, a masked man, asks Avinash to kill a man to get his daughter back. But wait! There’s another twist behind the identity of this masked man! If you want to find it out, then watch Breathe: Into the Shadows today! 

3. Aspirants 

We have to say, India really loves to put their students through the hot grill. Aspirants are yet another excellent show which depicts the sad and frustrating lives so many Indian students live. And with an IMDb rating of 9.7/10, there’s no doubt that the show nails the sensitive subject it presents! 

The show revolves around three friends: Abhilash, Guru, and SK. They used to live together during their aspirant days but now have gone on to live on their own as adults. But did they finally get the dream they were dreaming together? You have to watch the show to find out! 

4. Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story 

Wouldn’t it be the dream to just go from living in a cramped apartment to a swanky mansion? That’s exactly what this one clever bloke from India did in the 1990s. This is Harshad Mehta’s 1992 story, his life from being a pauper to a real-life king.

Harshad was an ordinary businessman until he joined the Bombay stock exchange. From there he becomes a millionaire by fooling the entire system. But it’s not all happy endings and sunshine for Harshad. You’ll know it when you watch the show! 

5. Gullak 

We often forget about the simple pleasures of daily life in our fast-paced world. The simple happiness of opening your piggy bank and counting all the money you saved is happiness like no other. And in this show, ‘Gullak’ is not the piggy bank of your coin, but of the happy memories, we make with our loved ones. 

Gullak revolves around a middle-class Indian family just living their day-to-day life the best they can. Sounds simple, isn’t it? This simplicity is the USP of the show, making its viewers feel relaxed and comfy with feel-good vibes. You’d want a family like this show has once you watch Gullak! 

6. High 

If you guessed that this show has something to do with drugs, yes you are absolutely right. But it’s not the typical drug mafia story you expect from most shows! In fact, unlike so many other shows which glamorize drug use, ‘High’ paints a grim picture of drug use, and drives home just how bad drugs are for our society. 

Shiv Mathur is a drug addict with a golden heart. He wants to be a better person and joins a rehab center run by three ‘supposedly’ kind doctors. What he doesn’t know is that this rehab center is soon about to become the hub of the most dangerous magical pill ever created. 

7. The Royal Palate 

So it’s midnight and you really want to torture yourself by watching something that will make you hungry. Don’t we don’t judge you for this? Instead, we have a perfect food show that will get mice jumping inside your stomach! 

The Royal Palate is hosted by your favorite celebrity chef extraordinaire Kunal Kapoor. You surely must know him from his appearance as a judge in the Master Chef India series. Well, he’s here to take you on a culinary journey across India, that will not only make you hungry but also teach you about India’s incredible food heritage! 

8. Panchayat 

If you think you’ve got bad with your 8-6 PM job, then you should watch Panchayat. The dude in this show has got it so bad that you’ll feel grateful for even the crappiest job you might have! 

Abhishek is an engineering graduate who despite his excellent academic credentials, finds himself jobless. Something many of us can relate with. Thankfully, he does end up getting a job! The catch? He gets a job in a blackwater village as the secretary of a village Panchayat. That

means he has to deal with people and their complaints against the administration all day. If you want a good laugh, then watching Panchayat is a must! 

9. Paatal Lok 

If you are a big sociology nerd who also wants to watch something exciting, then Paatal Lok is right up your alley. And just to give you a hint, Paatal Lok in English means ‘Underworld’. It doesn’t explain much, right? That’s why you need to watch the show to understand it! 

Hathiram Chowdhary is a pessimist cop who gets assigned to a case that proves way too much to handle. As he gets dragged down deeper into the Indian ‘palatal lok’, he learns just how divided Indian society is. If you want to watch a crime thriller that is different from the rest, Paatal Lok is your only stop. 

10. The Forgotten Army – Azaadi Ke Liye 

Big names like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru come up whenever anyone thinks about the Indian struggle for independence. But we also shouldn’t forget those countless names of soldiers who marched towards Delhi with cries for freedom. That’s right, this show is about Subhash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army! 

The INA was formed by the Indian soldiers who took part in the World War, yet another aspect of history everyone seems to forget. But that’s not all, as Bose also made the first women’s regiment in India as part of his INA. If you want to watch the glorious fight of this Forgotten Indian army for India’s freedom, then watch this show today! 

We hope that we have thoroughly defeated all the naysayers who believe that Indian web shows are not quality stuff by now. But if you still don’t believe us, then we challenge you to pick any one of the shows on this list and give it a watch! We guarantee you that you’ll end up watching all the shows on this list!