30 Easy Halloween party food ideas on a budget

Halloween decorations. Halloween costumes. Halloween foods.  

There’s a lot to do during Halloween. Wondering about the expenses? Trust us, you can still throw a  lavish Halloween party with our budget-friendly guide to make easy Halloween food.  

1. Oreo Dirt cupcakes 

This oreo flavored dainty dessert is basically made from chocolate pudding and decorated with gummy worms. It can be made within 15 minutes and are super easy that you can get it done by your kids as well.  See full recipe at Like Mother Like Daughter

2. Scary Halloween hot dogs

Team up sausages and hot dog buns with few drops of tomato ketchup on the face of the sausages and your snack is ready to be placed on the table. See the complete recipe at Craftymorning.com

3. Spider sandwiches

This easy-breezy recipe involves stuffing peanut butter or cream between two crackers, attaching pretzel sticks as legs, and simply placing the candy eyes.  See the complete recipe at It is a Keeper

4. Halloween Pudding Cups

Looks like some crazy cute pudding cups. right? The guests are gonna grab this right away. See the full recipe at The Soccer Mom Blog

5. Banana ghosts

Frozen bananas dipped in melted white chocolate and placed with chocolate chips to form eyes will be too cute to eat but will certainly be praised by the ones who eat. See the complete recipe at Skinny taste

6. Candy corn jello cups

A sugar-free dessert with just 3 ingredients for your Halloween bash. Serve these two flavored jello in a cup topped with whipped cream and candy corns. See the complete recipe at Passion for Savings

7. Nutter butter boos

The combination of Crunchy cookies and white chocolates are kid’s favorites. The preparation won’t take much of your time and so you’ll be able to work on other dishes quickly. See the complete recipe at Home Made Interest

8. Apple monsters 

Picky eaters will love this team of apple and peanut butter. Enhance the monstrous look of this item with marshmallows and candies. See the full recipe at it is a keeper.com

9. Mummy Pretzels

These yummy mummy pretzels are made with just a few ingredients and we guess it’s not gonna last for long. See full recipe at butter with a side of bread

10. Zombie strawberries

The green zombies are simply dipped in chocolate melts and served after placing candy eyes on the face of gruesome zombies. 

11. Spider deviled eggs

Simply split the boiled eggs into two and use olives to create spiders on top of yolks. This instant recipe will save a lot of your time and money. See the complete recipe at Parenting Chaos

12. Apple nachos

A smart way to serve a crowd with minimum effort. This plate full of sliced apples with tastes of  peanut butter, marshmallows, jams, and candies will surely delight the guests. 

13. Jack-o-lantern quesadillas

The two-step recipe is all that you need to follow for this particular dish. Apply Mexican cheese on the tortilla and place other tortillas shaped in the form of a jack o lantern. Bake them and you are ready to taste. See the complete recipe at Big Bears Wife

14. Ghost pretzels

Pretzels dipped in white chocolate chips melt and topped with candy eyes are one of the simplest recipes that you can try for Halloween this year. See full recipe at Dessert Now Dinner later

15. Monster cookies

The best idea for last-gasp situations. Get cookies, sandwich them with cream, place candy eyes, use marshmallows for teeth and you are all set to serve them. See the complete recipe at Tastes Better from Scratch

16. Jack o lanterns stuffed peppers

This dish is totally customizable. You can use a covering of orange, watermelon, or any pepper you prefer to create jack o lanterns and stuff it with rice, spaghetti, or chopped fruits. See the complete recipe at Buzzfeed

17. Bubblong Cauldron Brownies

If you are looking for the scariest dish on a low budget then this is the one for you. One of the best brownies for Halloween that is gonna scare the kids. See the complete recipe at The First Year Blog

18. Marshmallows ghost cupcakes

These cupcakes are filled with the flavors of vanilla and chocolate. You can buy or use homemade  cupcakes to prepare this treat. See the complete recipe at Kitchen Fun with my three sons

19. Halloween sugar wafers

Readymade wafers are available at reasonable prices. You can easily dip them in candy melts and top them with Halloween sprinkles. See the full recipe at recipemagik.com

20. Spider donuts

A perfect snack for last-minute preparation. last-minute pretzels stick on chocolate donuts, place candy eyes in the front and you are ready to nosh them. See the complete recipe at It’s Always Autumn.

21. Witch hat cupcakes

You can bake or buy any cupcakes you prefer, top them with vanilla icing and put colored cones on top of the cupcakes to complete the look of a witch hat. See the complete recipe at Preppy Kitchen

22. Bat sandwich cookies

With just a few ingredients, this treat can be completed within few minutes. Chocolate cookies are sandwiched with vanilla buttercream. You can use any cream that you desire. See the complete recipe at good housekeeping

23. Marshmallow pops

One of the most attractive and creative treats that you must include in your list. Marshmallows can be dipped in different colors of candy melts and can be transformed into witches, monsters, and bats with the use of candy eyes, olives, or just food colors. See the complete recipe at I wash you dry

24. Haunted haystacks

Make your buffet table creepy with these colorful haystacks. A mixture of peanut butter,  marshmallows, chow mein, and candy melts are cooled and served after placing candy eyes on them. See the complete recipe at Butter with a side of bread

25. Vampire donuts

Donuts can be simply decorated with fake vampire teeth or marshmallows. Use chocolate gems or candy eyes and jam to finish the look of a vampire. See the complete recipe at Hip 2 Save

26. Taco Dip

This easy peasy Halloween Taco Dip is sure to bring a whole lotta fun and happiness to your Halloween Party. See the full recipe at The tipsy housewife

27. Oreo eyeballs

Don’t get fooled by the white layers of these spooky eyeballs. They are actually Oreos dipped in candy melts and painted like scary eyes with the use of gels. See the complete recipe at I save a to z

28. Graveyard brownies

These delicious brownies are appropriate for a low-cost party. Use the hack of preparing them in advance and enjoy them directly on the buffet table. See the full recipe at Tastes Better from Scratch

29. Mini ghost pizzas

Kids will go nuts over these mini pizzas. Spread the sauce evenly and place mozzarella cheese shaped in the form of ghosts. Garnish with peppercorns or olives and it is ready to be served. See the complete recipe at Crayons and Cravings

30. Candy corn punch 

With the flavor of pineapple and orange in every sip, whipped with cream and topped with candy corn, this punch will surely be appreciated by adults and enjoyed by kids.  See the complete recipe at Princess Pinky Girl

Without wasting much time, grab your ingredients and start preparing for a lavish Halloween party.  ,