30 Best Funny Halloween Costumes for 2021

couple dressed as peter pan and tinkerbell

Is it already that time of the year? Have you not yet decided what to wear? No worries! We are here to help you choose the costume you’d probably love to wear for Halloween this year. 

Halloween is the season of pranks, tricks, games, and other fun-filled activities wherein you get to enjoy and spend a good time with your family and friends. The best part about the concept of costumes is that it gives you a ticket to escape from reality and transform yourself into whatever you wish to be. 

In this spooky-kooky season, if you chose to bring out the humourist in you then this article will indeed inspire you with fresh and new ideas on the hilarious outfit that would surely make your friends roll on the floor. 

Funny Halloween costumes for Kids

Spaghetti and meatballs costume

The idea of turning your baby into a bowl of spaghetti would make their costume look cool yet funny. All you need to do is grab some white yarns and stick them to an old tee and a hat. To add more fun to this outfit, get some foam balls, color them brown and attach them to the tee to give the delicious look to your spaghetti-meatballs baby.  

Little old lady costume 

This outfit would not only be amusing but will also, make your child look cute in this creepy season. An altered grandparent’s cloth with a grey wig, small spectacle, and a stick would be enough to pull off this look. 

Salt and Pepper Costume

One of the easiest and most amazing costumes for Kids. You can get a T-shirt (black and white) and then you can print the letters P and S respectively. That’s it. Isn’t that easy?

kids wearing salt and pepper costume

Blind Mice costume

This is the easiest and comfortable costume for your youngster. Simply DIY a tail by attaching two fabrics of grey color to the grey cloth that your baby would wear. Cut pictures of mice ears and stick fancy wires around the borders and finally wrap them around a headband. To make it look cooler,  get sunglasses for your baby. 

three young boys in blind mice costume

Baby President Costume

For this cool costume, you need to pick out a striking suit for your infant. Wrap the stroller with a black cloth and stick black cardboard to the stroller. Use foam and wire to make a mic and stick the printed signs of “The White House” to the background.

cute baby in a stroller

Baby in a Pumpkin costume

This costume can be made by using a foam pumpkin. Just cut out the head of a foam pumpkin and make two holes at the bottom for the legs. For the top, you can use any orange cap. 

baby in a pumpkin

Pea costume

If your baby does not want to be overdressed then this costume is the one for them. Dress your kid in a green onesie and stick two or three small DIY pom in a line below the face and on the cloth of your baby. Use a green hoodie to make the covering of this pea.  

guy dressed and green pea with a black cat

Grinch costume

With this look, you can enjoy Christmas during Halloween. Pick a green outfit and attach lots and lots of green strings to it. Add a red hat and you are ready with the look.  

baby girl dressed as grinch

Funny Halloween costumes for the family

Crab, Chef, and Pot costume

This rib-tickling costume might look very difficult but to be honest, the only extra effort will be to get your kid seated inside a container. You can purchase a chef costume or just DIY an apron while your baby can wear a red cloth with a hat. Attach few strings to the hat and a pair of eyeballs.  

family halloween costume with kid as crab and parents dressed as chef and pot

Mickey, Minnie, and Baby Costume

This adorable Mickey, Minnie, and Baby Costume are surely gonna be the costume of the year. So easy. Just a black t-shirt with a red frock is all that you need to DIY this costume. Use foam to create the ears.

mickey minnie and baby costume for family

Disney Halloween Costume

This cute costume from Frozen is gonna make all heads turn. So cool that you would want to recreate this at home.

Shaggy and Velma Family Costume

This is one of the funniest costumes that you and your child can wear for Halloween. You can easily find these dresses online and even if you don’t want to, you can always DIY them at home.

shaggy and velma costume for family

Celia Mae and Mike Monster Inc Costume

This popular costume from Monster Inc can be easily recreated at home. Celia Mae and Mike Wazowski costume is so easy to DIY at home. Just a green dress and faux DIY eyes are all that you need to make this costume.

Celia Mae and Mike Monster Inc Costume

Flinstone Family Halloween Costume

Bamm Bamm, Barney, and Betty Rubble Halloween Costume are sure to be one of the choicest Halloween Costumes for the year. And, guess what, it’s so easy to DIY.

flinstone family halloween costume

Rapunzel costume

If your kid loves Rapunzel but cannot handle long hair, let the father help her being the tower himself. Use your creative skills to create the structure of the tower that would be tied around the father’s upper body. Make sure that window of the tower reaches the face of your kid who’d sit on father’s shoulders. 

family dressed in rapunzel costume

Funny Halloween costumes for couples  

Barbie and Ken costume

This funny couple costume will surely make people go crazy. Get a Black t-shirt for yourself and a pink one for your Boyfriend. You can get Barbie and Ken printed on them and voila! your look is ready!

couple dressed as barbie and ken

Loofah and a soap costume

A wacky combination of soap and loofah can be made easily by cutting white cardboard into a bar of soap and hanging it around the neck of a male partner while the female partner can be dressed in a  ruffle dress to turn into a loofah. 

couple dressed as soup and loofah

Alien and Astronaut Costume

This cute Halloween Costume can be easily DIYed at home. All you would need is a white Astronaut suit for your boyfriend and a white dress for yourself. For the antennas, you can use pom-poms.

alien and astronaut costume for couple

Woody and Jessie costume

Inspired by “Toy Story”, this funny costume is worth mentioning in our guide for Halloween costume. You just need to team up your boots, hats, and belts with a pair of yellow outfits similar to these characters. 

couple dressed as woody and jessie

Tinkerbell and peter pan costume

Imagine your male friend as perter pan. Funny. Isn’t it? For this Halloween costume, the male partner can simply wear a green hat, t-shirt, pants, and shoes. Tie a belt around the waist with a  fake knife. Whereas the female partner can put on a green dress with fake wings on it. 

couple dressed as peter pan and tinkerbell

Funny Halloween costumes for best friends 

Upside Down costume

This funny Halloween costume for friends is easy but tricky. You and your friends need to put your legs inside the hands of a shirt and wear it in the bottom part of your body. Attach a DIY face to the collar of your shirts. Similarly, wear pants on the upper of the body to create the illusion of upside-down figures.  

upside down costume

Candy Nerds Costume

If you and your bestie are fans of nerds then you must try out this look. Take wide cardboard and paint it as a nerd box. Cut it symmetrically from the middle and hang it around both of your necks. You can also dress yourselves in pink and purple to complete this whole look.  

best friends dressed as candy nerds

Snow White and the seven dwarfs costume

For a squad of eight friends, this theme will work the best as your Halloween costumes. Your friends can effortlessly pair iconic dwarfs look with a hat, beard, belt, and boots while you can pick up a  snow-white dress to finish this look. 

snow white and seven dwarfs costume for group

Smurfs costume 

Another funny Halloween costume for groups that are quite bigger in number. You can paint yourselves blue and wear blue-white outfits to look like smurfs. Don’t miss out on white hats to complete the whole look.  

smurf costume for best friends

The “ Money Heist” costume

Most trending and hilarious theme that you can choose for this Halloween. Grab red pants and team them with a red hoodie. To get that particular look, DIY face masks or purchase them from nearby stores.  

best friends dressed as money heist characters

Other Funny Halloween costumes 

Dominos delivery boy costume 

This easy Dominos deliver boy costume is so easy to DIY. Imagine a kid with such a delicious pizza. There is yellow paper to create cheddar cheese. Then there are white paper strips to mozzarella cheese. And some brown round paper slices to create pepperoni. 

pizza boy costume

Sherlock Holmes and Watson costume

This look will surely make you and your boyfriend look adorable together. You can buy a Sherlock  Holmes outfit or arrange it with clothes available at home. Wear a hat and carry a magnifying glass along with you. You can simply wear a hat and coat to compliment the look.  

sherlock and watson costume for couple

Beauty and the beast costume

Another adorable and fun-filled costume for you and your pet. The owner can dress up in a  gorgeous yellow gown while the pet can simply put on a blue coat to get the look of beauty and the beast.

couple dressed as beauty and the beast

Hot dog vendor costume

This is one of the funniest looks that you can try with your pet dog. DIY a hot dog using fabrics and tie it around your dog. For a vendor look, you can use an apron and tie on a white shirt and pants.  Create a box of sauce and packets to hang on yourself.  

hot dog vendor costume

Scooby-Doo costume 

Last but not the least, classic Scooby-Doo duo for you and your gang. You can wear a green t-shirt and brown pants. This is one of the best group Halloween costumes.

group dressed as scooby doo group


Hope this guide of funny Halloween costumes helped you pick a costume. We wish you have a  humorous time in this horror season. Happy Halloween!