Ten Hidden Gems in Netflix that No one Talks about 

Ten Hidden Gems in NetflixIt’s not fair that due to Netflix’s algorithm of showing popular shows first, the actual good things to see get buried under. If you think that Netflix only has popular ‘mainstream’ things to watch on it, then allow us to prove you wrong! 

Believe it or not, Netflix has plenty of surprises to go around in its wide range of shows. Stick around till the end and we’ll tell you the top 10 underrated gems you can find on Netflix to watch this year.

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Ten Hidden Gems in Netflix that No one Talks about 

1. Sex education 

You’d think with a title like that, this show will garner a lot of attention! But nope, it is instead one of the most underrated shows Netflix has to offer. If you are looking to educate your teenage children on this topic, save yourself the embarrassment and just make them watch this show instead! Or you can just watch it to educate yourself! Don’t worry, we will not judge you if you do. 

Otis is your average awkward teenager who has no experience in dating whatsoever. But he still is quite knowledgeable thanks to his mother who is a sex therapist. With all the knowledge in hand, he decided to open up a sex therapy clinic in his school to help other teenagers who are facing the same problems as him. Despite the show’s mature themes, it is a heartwarming, empowering, and educational show that everyone’s age should watch! 

2. The Get Down 

If you are a fan of hip-hop, then you need to watch ‘The get down’ to get some historical hip-hop lessons! And no, this show is not boring like so many historical shows out there. Just sit through the first episode and you will fall in love with ‘The get down’ as you fell in love with hip-hop! 

Created by renowned creators like Oscar-winning Catherine Martin and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis, this show is an ode to hip-hop history. It’s the 1970s and New is going through bankruptcy. If that’s not enough, disco is also dying out. But not all is sad and gloom, as young artists of South Bronx are beginning to kick-start a new musical movement: hip-hop. If you are in the mood of watching a musical documentary show which will not bore you, The get down is a perfect choice for you! 

3. Giri/Haji 

If you are a fan of mafias, then you must have heard of the infamous Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. But it’s too bad there are not many English shows based on this mysterious Yakuza group. Well, not to worry as Netflix is here to fulfill all your Yakuza cravings with Giri/Hanji! 

Giri/Hanji translated to English means Duty/Shame. Which fits the theme as Yakuza is all about duty and shame. Kenzo Mori is in a race against time as he searches for his brother Yuto in the

London’s underworld. His brother has been blamed for the murder of a Yakuza member’s nephew, which can very well lead to an all-out gang war. If you are looking for a mafia show that is different from the rest, Giri/Haji is the show for you! 

4. Ugly Delicious 

If you claim to be a foodie and still have not watched Ugly Delicious, then you’re seriously missing out! But we’ll not blame you for watching this show, as it’s so seriously underrated. And now that you finally know of it, there’s no excuse to watch this epic food show! 

Come along on an eye-opening food adventure with celebrated chef David Chang to challenge all barriers when it comes to food. From hitting up Micheline star restaurants to dining at a local Japanese Domino’s, David Chang will not pass up any delicious food in this show! Just make sure you’re not hungry before watching Netflix’s Ugly Delicious! 

5. The End of the F***ing World 

Okay, we have talked enough about movies. Let’s talk about some underrepresented Netflix shows that deserve way more views! One among them is ‘The End of the F***ing World’. It’s a shame that despite having such a catchy title, it didn’t get the press it deserved! 

The story at first glance would look like teenagers on a run. Only in this case the boy is a psychopath and wants to kill the other girl. Instead, he ends up falling for her. Sounds cliché? If you watch the show, you’ll find that it’s anything but cliché! If you are looking for a romance story with cool murder in it, then this show is for you! 

6. Sisters 

Imagine one day you find out you have two other siblings from your father’s fertilization experiment. Sounds out of this world, right? Not in 2017’s Sisters! When a Nobel Laureate uses his own sperm in his Noble prize-winning fertilization research, let’s say his daughter is in for a surprise years later! �� 

Julia is in for a shock when she finds out she might have hundreds of siblings out there thanks to her father’s research. To find them all, she decides to throw a party to get to know them. But while she finds hundreds of brothers, she only has two sisters. One is a television star, and the other is a lawyer who has sued their father! If you want to spend your evening with laughter and fun, Netflix’s Sisters is the perfect show for it! 

7. The Last Kingdom 

When it comes to historical shows, it’s really sad that no one mentions The Last Kingdom. Sure, it doesn’t have Game of Thrones’s fantasy creatures, but do you know what this show has which GoT does not? Good storytelling and not the last season which ruins everything! (Sorry for the shade, GoT fans! ��)

Based on the acclaimed novel ‘The Saxon stories’, the show is set during the time when Britain was facing the Viking invasions. Uhtred is a small boy who gets kidnapped by the Vikings and grows up with them consequently. With his mixed Danish and Saxon heritage, Uhtred soon finds himself to be at the crossroads in the fight between the two factions. If you are looking for an alternative to Game of Thrones or just want to watch a good historical show, The Last Kingdom should be your top pick! 

8. Our planet 

If you are one of those people who still believe that our planet is not on the path of doomsday thanks to everything we are doing, then this show will be an eye-opener for you. Alternatively, if you want to sit back and just have a relaxing evening with beautiful mother nature, then this show is also for you. 

Narrated in the handsome voice of David Attenborough, Our planet will keep you hooked on the couch with its scenic shots of our beautiful planet Earth. But don’t get too complacent in the beauty of the show, as it will also remind you how we can lose it all if we don’t get our act together and become more environmentally sensitive. 

9. Derry girls 

If you want a fun night in with a show that will make you forget about all the worries in the world, Derry Girls is the ideal sitcom for you. With a very unique set of taking place during the 1990s Northern Ireland unrest, the show will make you realize just how lucky you are living in a much more peaceful world than the characters in the show. 

It’s the 90s and there’s a civil war raging in the UK’s Northern Island. There are bombs going off all the time and army checkpoints everywhere. But all this is no concern for our teenage group of girls who are just trying to live their high school days the best they could in these dire circumstances. If you like dry humor and witty one-liners, Derry girls will be a complete joyride for you! 

10. 3% 

If you wanted a Hunger game that was smarter and made more sense with less romance in it, then 3% is the perfect dystopian show for you! Not only does the show have absolutely amazing cinematography courtesy of Oscar-nominated César Charlone, but it is also one of the most original dystopian shows around. 

The show is set far into the future where the majority of the population lives in abject poverty. Except for a select few people who are chosen to live in virtual heaven called Offshore. To get there, every year 20-year-olds have to go through a series of challenges and face each other in a battle royale with only the remaining 3% left standing to qualify for going to Offshore. But is paradise actually all it looks like? To find out, watch 3% on Netflix today!

With so much to go around on Netflix, it’s no wonder so many underrated shows get left behind. If you had run out of what next to watch on Netflix, we hope this list of top underrated shows will help you choose your next pick! Whether binging alone or with a family, these shows will definitely make your weekend entertaining!