Best Gifts To Buy from Etsy this Valentine’s Day

Etsy has the most perfect handmade and unique gifts. You can find gifts suitable for any occasion. From Christmas to New Year’s and also Valentine’s Day, there isn’t an occasion that they are not prepared for. 

For Valentine’s Day this year, they have the coolest gifts. Most of the gifts they sell are personalized – which I think is very special to give especially on Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for the best ones to buy, keep scrolling! I have picked out some of the gifts that I am sure anyone will love.

Etsy Gifts for Valentine’s Day


  1. Personalized Glow Through Candle: It is a super cute scented candle that comes in a glass jar that you can personalize by adding the initials of you and your partner. This ‘You and Me’ candle also comes with a personalized cover, on which they will write any message you want.
  2. Double Name Ring: On this ring, you can write 2 names of the person you’re gifting it to. The ring comes in silver, gold, and rose gold. Besides giving this to your partner, you could also gift it to your mom or best friend!
  3. Personalized Silver Necklace: Buy this pretty Sterling Silver name necklace. You can write the name of your partner on it and gift it to them.
  4. Custom Album Personalized Picture Keychain: This personalized keychain will include a personalized message and you can also pick a song and picture to put on it. It is a small keychain and it is super cute – anyone would love it!
  5. Film Key Chain: Bring back memories by storing a bunch of old pictures in this film roll. You just need to send them 15 pictures that you would like in it and they will put them together on the roll and send it to you.
  6. Personalized Storage + Charging Dock: On this Storage + Charging Dock you can write the name of whom you are gifting it to. It has space to store glasses, a wallet, pens, watches, keys and rings. There is also an inbuilt charger – where you can keep your phone.
  7. Couples Sweatshirts: Etsy has many cute matching sweatshirts for couples, each with something different written on it. A few that I liked are – ‘Dream Team’, ‘Queen’ & ‘King’, ‘I have everything I need’ & ‘I am Everything’, ‘Partners in Crime’ and ‘She/He’s my Lobster’. 
  8. Love Letter Blanket: Write a letter to your loved one and have it made into a blanket. You can choose to have it made with your handwriting or keep it simple by picking a font. It is a very sweet and thoughtful gift – that will not only warm their bodies but also their hearts!
  9. LED Lamp: Get this LED lamp on which you can blow up a picture of you both. It is made to look like an Instagram post. It is a unique gift that I am sure your partner will love.
  10. Customized 3D night light: This 3D photo lamp is the sweetest and prettiest gift. They carve out a picture of the both of you onto the glass.
  11. Constellation Map: A personalized Star Map that is printed on Real Wood. You can pick a date that you would like to have on it (first date, wedding, anniversary, or first child).
  12. Enchanted Rose: It is an Enchanted Rose surrounded by LED lights. A gift inspired by the movie Beauty and The Beast. It is a gorgeous gift.


Also, along with these gifts, Etsy also has the cutest cards! Make sure to check them out too. Some of my personal favorites are: 

  • ‘You are my favorite Human Bean’ – Which has a picture of two tiny beans on it, holding hands. 
  • ‘We go together like’ – and a picture of milk and a cookie. 
  • ‘You are the Reason I Believe in Love’ – written in an orange heart.
  • ‘Despite the Pandemic, I’m Still not sick of You yet’ – a really sweet and cute message.
  • ‘You’re a Hot-Tea’ – with a picture of a smiling cup of tea on it.
  • ‘The One Where We Spent VALENTINES DAY In Lockdown – a super cute FRIENDS themed card.
  • ‘You’re the Phil to my Claire’ – a Modern Family themed Valentine’s Day card.
  • Love Hearts Card – A card with 2 names on it – each in a red heart and both overlap each other in a corner.
  • ‘Completely & Madly in Love with You’ – a simple card with the wording in white and grey background.

All these cards come in a lovely envelope. The cards are all made out of high-quality paper and you also get a free bookmark with many of them!

Have fun shopping and picking out the perfect gifts to get for your loved one!