Prettiest Nail Art Designs for Valentine’s Day 2021

Women love to dress up for Valentine’s Day. I think that besides their dress, makeup and shoes – the next most important thing they need is matching nails. Imagine yourself in a lovely red gown with silver heels and red and silver nail art – how gorgeous you would look! Nail art is a fashion and something that many people love. There are plenty of nail art designs that you could get. Whether you want to follow the latest and coolest nail art trends or you just want a classic nail art look (so that your nails can be kept past Valentine’s Day) – I have perfect nail décor ideas you could get for Valentine’s Day in 2021.

Valentine’s Day Nail Art – 2021


Red Heart Emoji: You have probably seen the red heart emoji that is a big heart over a tiny dot. Copy this emoji onto the center of all your nails using a rich red color of nail polish. 

Pink Hearts: Paint your thumb, index finger, middle finger and pinkie finger in baby pink nail polish. On the remaining finger – the fourth finger – you can paint on four to five tiny pink hearts and paint on a transparent layer of nail polish over it.

Black Nails: If you are planning on wearing a black dress, you will need black nails that match it. For this black look, paint your nails with Matt black mail polish and using white nail polish, paint on small white heart. It’s also perfect for those who are fans of the colour black and do not want a bright red or pink shade

Confetti Hearts: Get mini confetti hearts and place a few on your nails. Then apply a thin layer of transparent or iridescent polish. It is a pretty look that will perfectly suit the occasion.

Red and Pink Tips: Instead of the classic French manicure, switch it up by having a thin layer of pink nail polish and then red nail polish on the tip of each nail. On your fourth finger, you can also paint on a tiny red heart in the center.

Black Hearts: Why do hearts only have to be red and pink? Black nails look classy too. Paint on 5-6 mini hearts onto each nail and cover it with a transparent layer of nail polish.


Gorgeous Glitter: Sparkly nails are always fancy and look amazing. Instead of just one shade of glitter nail polish, you can use two on each nail – for an ombre look. 

A Strip of Glitter: Sparkly nails always look good. Paint the first layer of your nails in a light shade of pink. Then paint on a vertical line with sparkly gold or silver glitter nail polish.

Heartbeat Nail Look: Paint your thumb, index finger, middle finger and pinkie finger in a pink and blue ombre. On them, draw on a heartbeat (a continuous line moving up and down) using dark pink nail polish. And on the fourth finger, paint on a sparkly shade of silver nail polish.

Pink and Purple Nails: Alternate with baby pink and baby purple on alternate nails, leaving out the middle finger. On it, paint on silver nail polish.  On the index finger, paint on a white heart and outline it with black. 

Acrylic Nails: For this look, your base layer will have to be white acrylic nail polish. On that stick on some jewels (silver ones) and on the fourth finger, paint on a layer of silver sparkly nail polish.


Red and Pink: Both red and pink match the theme of Valentine’s Day, so why pick only one color when you can have both? Just apply a thin layer of each color on alternate nails, on both hands. 

Red Flowers: Paint on cute little hearts into all your fingernails with red nail polish for the petals and black nail polish for the center. For the base coat, you could either have a nude shade or a transparent shade of nail polish. This look is very feminine and pretty.

Matt Nails: Matt nails are always in style. You can paint your nails with pink or red matt nail polish. This is a simple look but it can be worn past Valentine’s Day. 

Vertical Ombre Lines: Paint each nail vertically with 5 shades ranging from red to baby pink.  This is a really fancy look. It would look amazing with a multi-colored dress and black heels.

Polka Dots: For the base layer, paint on white nail polish. On top of the white, draw on black polka dots. To make this look even cuter – paint on a tiny heart at the bottom corner of each nail.