Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kid

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. This year, why don’t you try to include all the kids in your life. Get them presents, have a yummy meal with them and watch a movie together. 

In schools, kids celebrate Valentine’s Day too. They have a party in a class where they play games together and are made to make Valentine’s Day cards for their friends. 

Letting them continue this celebration at home and giving them gifts will definitely make them feel extra loved and special. We have some really cute gifts that your child will surely love! So, keep scrolling!

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids

Valentine’s Day Kid Cups: Personalise reusable Valentine’s Day Kid cups by filling them up with little goodies like candies and chocolate. It is a fun and easy gift to give.

A Baking Set: For the little ones interested in baking, get them a baking set. It has all the essentials to make yummy cupcakes at home. They will be super proud of themselves once they bake a treat for the family and everyone enjoys it.

Matching Cooking Aprons: Get 2 Aprons – one in your size and one in your kid’s. There are special Valentine’s Day ones that have mini red hearts all over them. The perfect outfit to make valentine’s day treats in! You could also personalize them by having your names embroidered on them.

Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutters: For you and your child to make yummy heart-shaped cookies on Valentine’s Day.

A Box of Cookies and Chocolates: Who doesn’t love chocolate? Any child would love to receive this box of the yummiest vanilla shortbread cookies that say ‘I Love You’ on them along with chocolate-covered strawberries.

Light Blocks: For little ones’ who love to be creative and build things with blocks – this gift would be perfect. These blocks light up when they are kept on a battery-powered base. Since they glow in the dark, they will make playtime extra fun. They can also be mixed with normal building blocks – so that a few glow in between. 

Valentine’s Day Heart PJ’s: Get your little one’s super adorable rainbow heart onesies or PJ’s. They are super cute and perfect for the occasion. 

Valentine’s Day Bath Bomb Set: Kids enjoy taking baths and splashing around in the water. With a bath bomb set, they will be more excited about having a bath. 

Heart-Shaped bag: A super cute Pink Heart-shaped bag is a lovely gift. It would look very pretty when worn on Valentine’s Day along with a matching outfit. Besides Valentine’s Day, it can also be worn on other occasions. 

Velvet Heart Pillow: An addition to their bed – a pink velvet pillow in the shape of a heart. A super soft and cozy pillow – which they will love to snuggle and sleep with. 

Personalized Stuffed Animals: Get each child a stuffed animal with their name embroidered on it. This way they will remember which toy is theirs and won’t fight with one another.

Slime: Kids really enjoy playing with slime. You can get them a set with assorted slime that they can mix and match on their own. Any slime fan would love this fun gooey gift.

Play-Doh: There is a special Valentine’s Day play-doh set. This would be a very good gift. There are so many things you can make with play-doh. 

Valentine’s Craft Kit: An art kit comes with all the supplies needed to make Valentine’s Day love notes and other cute stuff. It includes paper hearts, googly hearts, pipe cleaners, washi tape, and a bunch of more stuff. It is the perfect gift to bring out their creative side. 

Heart-Shaped String Lantern: A DIY Kit to make a heart-shaped lantern using string. The kit includes all the supplies needed to make the lantern-like string, LED lights, latex gloves, a battery box, and a few more things.

Heart-Shaped Chalkboard T-shirt Kit: A t-shirt that comes with a heart-shaped chalkboard on it so that your child can personalize it and draw anything they like on it. And since it is a chalkboard, they can rub off what they have written and redo it as many times as they would like to.  

Story Books: If your child loves to read, buy a couple of his/her favorite books and gift them to him/her on Valentine’s Day. You could also buy Mad Libs – which is really funny and entertaining. 

What I Love About Being Your Mom: Get this book – ‘What I Love About Being Your Mom’ and fill up this blank book with memories that your child will love to read and look back to in the coming years. It is a very sweet gift.  (There is also a ‘What I Love About Being Your Dad’ book that you could buy).