40 DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decorations To Outnumber Your Blessings

The Lucky Irish Holiday is the best theme to decorate your home for March. March is marked by St. Patrick’s Day. This Irish Holiday is best way to celebrate March. Since the weather outside is getting fine by the day and the beautiful greeneries have started to surround us, we should indulge in some Green decorations at home. It’s just good luck to decorate your home for St. Patty’s day. And not serious decorations. Just some minor alterations and projects so that your home looks ready for the festival. Start by putting out a St. Patrick’s Day wreath on your front door. Go on and decorate your Porch with some Planters and Wooden Signboards. For Indoor decorations, decorate your Mantel with a wreath or a Garland or a Banner. Also use dollar store craft items to make small topiaries to decorate the Mantel top. If you cannot get crafty, you might add some green plants. It’ll do the job for you. Make a Centerpiece for St. Patrick’s Day. All Baby’s Breath flowers in your vases. Green is well complemented with a White color scheme. So, take cues from below for gorgeous DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decorations.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

#1. Boot Planters for St Patrick’s Day | source unknown

To make this planter use old boots and paint it in green. Fill it with flowers and it’s done.

#2. DIY Wood Shim Shamrock By A Wonderful Thought

Wooden Shamrock is agreat DIY project you can try for St. Patrick’s Day.

#3. Spring Centerpiece By Cottage at the Crossroads

These adorable little Mason Jar Makes the best Spring Centerpiece.

#4. St. Patrick Planter | via

An easy way to decorate your outdoor planter with a seasonal flair is use dollar store craft items.

#5. Lucky Sign for door | source unknown

Use a Wooden Board to make this LUCKY Signboard. Keep it on your front porch.

#6. St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece | via

Make the perfect Centerpiece for your Kitchen island with a tiered tray specially decorated for St. Patrick’s Day.

#7. Planter for St. Paddy’s Day | via

Add a stylish Planter for St. Patrick’s Day on your porch. Use Dollar store Craft items to decorate your planter.

#8. Deco Mesh Garland for St. Patrick’s Day | via

Decorate your Doo with deco mesh ribbons for St. Patrick’s Day.

#9. Outdoor decor for St. Patrick’s Day By Maple and Vine

Decorate your front porch with an old ladder and a grapevine wreath for St. Patrick’s Day.

#10. St. Paddy’s Day Table Decor By Dining Delight

This winsome St. Paddy’s Day Table decor is an ideal way to set the table for your Irish theme party.


#11. St. Patrick’s Day Porch decor | via

Decorate your front Porch for St. Patrick’s Day with a deco mesh DIY Wreath and Repurpose your Christmas tree and Keep it outside for a St. Patty’s Day Tree.

#12. Moss Covered Clover | source unknown

Use a Four Leaf Clover cut out and stick fake moss on it. Tie a Burlap Ribbon on the top and it’s done.

#13. St. Patrick’s Day Mantle Decor By Made in a Day

#14. Wooden Blocks for St. Patrick’s Day | via

To Make these blocks, use wooden blocks and paint it in green and write your Message.

#15. Bag of Gold for the Door | via

Making this Bag of Gold is really easy. Use any Burlap Bag and Stick it with some Gold Coins which are form the Dollar Store.

#16. Shamrock Balloons By Oh Happy Days

Can’t get enough of these Shamrock Balloons, head over to Oh Happy Days and learn how Ashley did this wonderful St. Patrick’s Day Party decoration.

#17. Long door wreath | via

Just use Those Dollar Store St. Patrick’s Day Craft items and tie all together to make this long wreath for the door. It looks so special and festive.

#18. Glitter wine Bottles  | via

Use wine bottles and decorate it with ropes and fill in the body of the bottle with green glitter.

#19. St. Patrick’s Day Tiered Tray | via

Use a Galvanised Tiered tray and fill it with decorative items to finish your St. Patrick’s Day Tiered Tray decor.

#20. Pom Pom Wreath | via

Use a Foam Wreath and Stick Pom Poms on it. This is an easy project and quick way to make a fluffy St. Patrick’s Day Wreath.

#21. Burlap Shamrock Wreath | via

Use Foam Wreath and wrap it with Green Burlap Ribbon to make this Shamrock Wreath. You will need three small foam wreaths and then you can tie all three together in the shape of a Shamrock.

#22. Leprechaun Centerpiece By Debbees Buzz

Make this adorable Leprechaun centerpiece for your table. It looks cute and so adorable.

#23. Leprechaun Hat Centerpiece by Across the Boulevard

#24. Leprechaun in a jar | via

To make this Leprechaun in a Jar, take a Mason Jar and stick in it a Leprechaun figure cut out. Now put in a LED Votive in the mason jar and cover it. Decorate it’s top with Carnations and leaves.

#25. Clover Banners for Wall | via

Use these felt Shamrocks which you can find from the dollar store and stick it using a gun glue to the thread. You can decorate your walls with this.

#26. DIY Shamrocks By Six Sisters’ Stuff

Learn for Sis Sisters’ Stuff on how to make Wooden Shamrocks. Use it to decorate your Mantle tops or use it to create a Vignette for St. Patty’s Day Table decor.

#27. Burlap Leprechaun Hat | via

Use a Burlap Fabric and Paint it in Green and White Polka Dots. Tie a ribbon on the top for the complete project.

#28. St. Patrick’s Day Sign Board | via

Use a Wooden Board of Long Rectangular shape. Stick on it these signs and decorate it well with it.

#29. Wooden Signboard for St. Patrick’s Day | via

Use a wooden Board and hand paint this Love Ireland Signboard on it.

#30. Wooden Irish Flag | via

Use a Wooden Board and paint in Irish Flag Colors of Green-White and Orange. Use this to decorate your porch or Mantle top.

#31. St. Patrick’s Day Lantern decor | via

Decorate a Lantern with Dollar Store Products. Fill in a tinsel garland and light inside the lantern and it’s done.

#32. Shamrock Topiary By Nori Kraft

These Shamrock Topiaries are a cute way to make Centerpieces for St. Patrick’s Day.

#33. St. Patty’s Day Centerpiece | via

Use a galvanised Tiered Tray and Fill it with Vintage St. Patrick’s Day Cards and other vintage ornaments. Use it as a centerpiece for your home decor.

#34. Wine bottle Crafts | via

Use glitter to decorate your wine bottles. Decorate it with paint and put in candles to make it a candle holder.

#35. Inverted Wine Glass Centerpiece | via

Use an inverted Wine glass. Top it with a Dollar Tree Leprechaun Hat. Fill in the inside of the glass with St. Patrick’s Day Ornaments.

#36. St. Patrick’s Day Tree Decor | via

Use your Christmas Tree and decorate it with Green Ornaments which you can find in the dollar store and top it with a Leprechaun hat for St. Patrick’s Day.

#37. Leprechaun Hat Centerpiece By 21 Rosemary Lane

Use a Terracotta Pot to make a Leprechaun hat and make this gorgeous DIY Centerpiece for St. Patrick’s Day.

#38. Horseshoe Garland By Darice

Learn how to make a perfect Horseshoe Garland and decorate your Mantle Top or Wall with it.

#39. Candle Holders decor | via

Make a wreath of Ribbons and decorate around the candle holder with it.

#40. Lantern decorations | via

Decorate the lantern with Green and White ribbons for St. Patrick’s Day.

So, these were the best DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decorations Ideas. I hope you liked these ideas and shall do them for your home decor.