Gripping Web Series on Netflix (Hindi)

If you have become bored of the usual English shows Netflix has, how about checking out Hindi Netflix? If you are not watching Hindi Netflix, then you’re missing out on some of the best shows Netflix has to offer. From romance to suspense to comedy, Hindi Netflix is there to cover every one of your weekend requirements. And if you are still confused over Hindi Netflix, then let us tell you the top ten shows you can watch on Hindi Netflix today! 

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Sacred Games 

If you want to start off your foray into Hindi Netflix, you need to start with Netflix’s most popular Hindi web show, Scared Games. It was this show that gave Netflix its market in Indian audiences, and also made Hindi shows popular among the international audience. 

A police officer named Sartaj Singh is in for a cat and mouse chase when he receives a tip on the location of the criminal don Ganesh Gaitonde. But while he is chasing this overlord down he comes across various dark secrets of the Indian underworld, leading up to a bomb blast in the city of Mumbai. Will Sartaj Singh be able to put all the plans of Gaitonde to a stop? You need to watch Sacred Games find out! 

Lust stories 

It’s a bitter truth that Indian women are underrepresented in movies and shows. But OTT platforms like Netflix are filling up this gap of representation by producing some really open-minded shows. If you are looking for a show that has Indian ladies taking the helm, then Lust Stories on Hindi Netflix is a must-watch for you! 

Lust stories tell the tales of four Indian women and their modern relationships in an anthology format. If you are wondering what a woman wants, then watching Lust Stories will not only show you their perspective but also educate you on some very sensitive topics that are not talked about openly. 


Ghouls are monsters found in Arabic folklore. For a long time, they have captured the interest of the horror genre, but not many shows or movies have been able to translate it well onto the screen. That is until Netflix Hindi released Ghoul in 2018 and finally gave these monsters the due credit they deserve among the audience! 

The show is set in a dystopian world where authoritarianism rules the land. Nida Rahim is a loyal military officer who is out to interrogate a highly dangerous terrorist. But the secrets that come out of this interrogation just might be out of this world in more than one way. To watch the horror-action of ghouls, don’t forget to watch Ghoul on Hindi Netflix today! 


Do you know what cheers up people after a really hard day at work? Watching zombies being killed on screen! And Netflix Hindi’s zombie show is not just any ordinary zombie show! It has commentary on how taking tribal land is bad, ancient curses, and a whole army of zombie British soldiers rising from their graves to take over India again. Sounds crazy, right? 

A team of officials is sent to a village to remove the tribals there on behalf of a corporate company. But don’t worry, karma soon strikes back as an evil spirit called ‘Betaal’ rises up from a shrine and awakens the British soldiers that were buried there during India’s fight for independence. In this morally grey horror series, you wouldn’t know whether to support the land stealing humans or the spirit that is just protecting the village. 

Bard of blood 

By the sound of the title, you might think it’s a fantasy genre show. But it’s actually even better! Fast-paced and filled to the brim with action-packed scenes, Bard of Blood will leave you stuck on your couch with blood-pumping excitement. 

Kabir Anand is a former RAW agent who is still haunted by his demons of the past. But when he is called up again to rescue the Indian spies captured in Balochistan, he has no choice but to confront his past once again. With a high IMDb rating of 7/10, it is quite assured that you’ll get nothing but quality entertainment from this show. 


Admit it, all of us wanted to go to a haunted house with our friends when we’re kids. Heck, some of us want to do that even now as adults! But sadly most of us don’t have a haunted house lying around, but not to worry! You can get the exact same experience just by watching Netflix Hindi’s latest horror show, Typewriter! 

A group of young aspirant ghost hunters is out to find the connection between a haunted house and an old book. But when a new family moves into the town, it’s not just fun and games as dark secrets begin to unravel around the haunted house. If you are looking for a scary night-in, Typewriter is the show for you! 

Little things 

Alright, we have talked enough about action and gory shows on Netflix Hindi. It’s time to give some lighthearted shows some spotlight. And when it comes to wholesome web shows, Netflix Hindi with its Little Things is no slacker. This show is just so honest and sweet that it will touch your heart more than one time! 

Live-in relationships are still a new concept in India. If you have any misconceptions about this kind of relationship or are in the camp of ‘live together only after marriage’, then you should definitely watch Little Things. This show beautifully captures the daily life of a couple living in Mumbai and will honestly make you wish for a relationship like them! If you want to satisfy that romantic heart of yours with an emotional and sweet watch, this is the show for you.

Selection day 

In most Indian families children are encouraged to pick up a science/maths stream and go for a secure professional job. Not in this show! But don’t yet think it’s some wholesome show where parents are supportive of their children’s choices. Instead, it actually comes with Aesop’s teaching that children are not the means by which parents can fulfill their own selfish dreams. 

The story follows a father and his two sons whom he has trained since childhood to join cricket. But the younger son is more interested in science than toil in the cricket field. It also doesn’t help that the cricket selection in the country is rigged to favor the privileged.


If you are searching for a comedy show but are disappointed in how most of them are family-friendly, then Netflix Hindi has the perfect dark comedy show for you! Hasmukh is a one-of-a-kind comedy show which the likes of which we guarantee you have never seen before! 

Hasmukh (played by Vir Das) is a small stand-up comic who is looking for a big break in the comic circuit. But thanks to certain circumstances he ends up realizing that only murdering people is the way to keep up his good energy on the stage. The more he kills, the better his comic acts become. If you are looking for a night of some diabolical fun, Hasmukh is the perfect show to set your mood! 

Girls Hostel 

If you are missing out on your college days or were just curious about what happened in a girl’s hostel, then you should definitely check out Netflix Hindi’s Girls Hostel. 

Girls Hostel explores the life of a group of college girls living together in any average college girl’s hostel. There are funny adventures, bunking classes, and sneaking out escapades with lots of getting in trouble. But it’s not all fun and games as every college student in India knows how stressful and even dangerous college life can be. Will our girls pass through all the challenges of student life? Watch Girls Hostel on Netflix Hindi to find out! 

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Netflix Hindi is a very underrated side of Netflix, which is sad because there are so many great shows it has to offer! We hope we have won you over to Netflix Hindi with its top shows, and that you will have an awesome time watching all of them!