New Hindi dubbed web series on Netflix 2021

So you are looking to watch a foreign web series but want to watch it in your native Hindi language? There is absolutely no shame in admitting this! For many of us shows and movies just sound and feel better in our own language. But sadly it is a challenge to find foreign web shows with good quality dubbing. But no more of that problem as we are here with top Hindi dubbed shows on Netflix for your quality streaming weekends!  DON’T MISS: Gripping Web Series on Netflix (Hindi), Ten Hidden Gems in Netflix that No one Talks about , Top 10 Netflix shows you must watch if you love crime thrillers

1. Snowpiercer 

If you have loved Ice Age movies and wondered what it is like to live in a world covered with Ice, then you no longer have to do that with Netflix’s Snowpiercer around! With Hindi dub available, the show is accessible to everyone as a bonus! 

The show is set in a world where ice is the new normal. It is 2026 and humans live in a luxury moving train to survive. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, there’s more to it and you can find all about it by watching Snowpiercer on Netflix today! 

2. The Queen’s Gambit 

This show has been the talk of the town the day it dropped on Netflix, and for a very good reason! With Academy Award-worthy acting of actress Anya Taylor Joy and scriptwriting that can win an Emmy, it is fortunate that a Hindi dub is available for Queen’s gambit on Netflix! 

The show follows Beth Harmon, an orphan girl who gets scouted for her prodigious chess skills during Cold War times. But she lives in a world where chess is a men’s game. Will she manage to make it a woman’s game too? If you want to watch just how beautiful chess is or are just a fan of chess, then this show is for you! 

3. Dead to Me 

If you are in the mood of watching something that will make you laugh but also make you feel horrible at the same time, then Dead to me is the perfect dark comedy for you. And good news for you, it’s available on Netflix and that too in a full Hindi dub! 

Jen and Judy are two women who have gone through loss in their life. They meet in a support group meeting and bond over their shared sorrows. But one of them knows secrets that would destroy other’s life. 

4. The Spy 

Do you want to watch an amazing spy story but can’t find one that is in Hindi dub? Then don’t worry because we are here to solve this problem for you! With Netflix’s amazing ‘The Spy’ series available in Hindi dub for you, all your spy thriller cravings are covered!

The show is based on true events that took place during the 1960s. Eli Cohen is an Israeli spy who has been given the impossible task of infiltrating the Syrian government. If you want to watch this spy making this task possible, then you have to watch ‘The Spy’ on Netflix today! 

5. White Line 

Okay, you must have guessed what the show is about just by looking at the title. But no, we will not spoil it for you. But will definitely tell you how amazing it is and that you should definitely watch it on Netflix, especially when its Hindi dub is available! 

Zoe Walker has been searching for her brother for the past 20 years but finds out that he is dead in Ibiza. Now she is out there, in a completely foreign land searching for the reason why her brother died so mysteriously. 

6. Altered Carbon 

Have you ever wanted to imagine what the world will look like in the future? And just shortly, but the distant future of maybe three hundred years after. Well, you no longer need to imagine as Netflix’s Altered Carbon is here in Hindi dub to show exactly that to you! 

The world is set in three hundred years in the future, where death is no longer a threat and immortality is permanent. In such a world the Imprisoned mind is called back to service by a billionaire to do a series of mysterious ‘tasks’ for him. If you want to watch something with a cyberpunk feel, Altered Carbon is the perfect show for that! 

7. Lost in Space 

If you are a literature nerd, you must have read or at least heard about Robinson Crusoe and his quest to survive on a lonely island he crashes landed on. Now, just take this story, and apply it to space. You will get Lost in space! 

Due to an ill stroke of fate, Robinsons find themselves crash-landed on a barren planet while on space travel. Now they have to survive against all odds on this new planet while hopes for a rescue remain almost zero. If you want to see a survival adventure ala space, this show is not to be missed! 

8. The Witcher 

We don’t need to tell you that Witcher is an amazing show. Henry Cavill is enough proof evidence for that. But still, if you haven’t watched this dark fantasy show yet, then we are just letting you know that its Hindi dub is available on Netflix! 😉 

Geralt is a Witcher, who are basically monster hunters. But he is hated by humans just like the monsters he kills. But when his adoptive daughter comes to him for help, he has no choice but to get involved in human affairs. 

9. Lupin 

If you are not aware of the legend of Lupin, then let us educate you in history. Lupin was a legendary French thief with a golden heart. Basically a French Robin Hood, only with a lockpick

and not a bow and arrow. And Netflix has brought Lupin’s story to our screens in Hindi dub in a brand new modern rendition! 

Lupin came with his father to France as an immigrant in search of a happy life. But his father gets framed for stealing by a rich businessman. Unable to live with the guilt, Lupin’s father hangs himself. And now all grown up, Lupin is out to steal everything from the man who took his father from him… 

10. Messiah 

The line between what’s real and fake is slim in the modern age. What was once called miracles and magic can now easily be explained by science. So what will we do when a man shows up out of nowhere claiming to be the ‘Messiah’? 

It’s just another normal day until a man shows up in the Middle East claiming to be the Christ himself. He even performs supposed miracles to prove it, leading to many blindly following him. Now it’s up to the CIA to uncover the truth behind this strange man. Is he actually the second coming of Christ, or just a conman? 

Many people shy away from admitting that they watch Hindi dubbed shows, thinking it’s uncool to do it. But why let others dictate what you think? If you enjoy Hindi dubbed shows them so be it! Not everyone likes reading subtitles while watching a good show! And that’s why we hope that you will have a blast watching the Hindi dubbed shows on our list!