Upcoming Hindi web series on Amazon Prime

So you want to watch something new on your free weekend but have exhausted your list of shows already. Then don’t worry because we will give you a new list of Hindi web series that you can watch on Amazon Prime! And don’t worry, we’ll include both the latest shows and the upcoming shows so that you will be missing out on nothing this year! Gripping Web Series on Netflix (Hindi) , New Hindi dubbed web series on Netflix

Hindi web series on Amazon Prime

1. The Family Man Season 2 

There’s no doubt about this: The family man is the best Hindi series on Amazon Prime, hands down. Some would even claim it is the best series of all the OTT platforms. And considering that only the best and most popular series gets a second season, there’s no question that The Family man is the best Hindi show you can watch this 2021. And with its second season already streaming, you have no excuse to miss it! 

Srikant Tiwari is back and he’s going through what perhaps every middle-aged man goes through a mid-life crisis. With his marriage in disarray and long hours at his new corporate job, poor Srikant is definitely not doing so great in his life. But when a new threat shows up both for his daughter and the nation, Srikant might have to get back to duty once again! 

2. The Last Hour 

Hindi web series usually are either in the comedy genre or the action genre. There’s a sore lack of unique genre shows, as a supernatural series! If you are also craving for something new this year then don’t you worry because Amazon Prime has you covered with its latest supernatural Hindi show: The Last Hour! 

Arup is your average police officer who is assigned the task of solving the murder case of an actress from Bengal. But in all this a strange thing is happening, leaving everyone puzzled. The locals are for some reason running away for their lives. And in all the confusion Arup meets Dev, a local Shaman who can communicate with the souls of the dead. Will Arup be able to crack the mystery with his supernatural abilities? You need to watch The Last Hour on Amazon Prime today! 

3. Tandav 

Tandav has been the talk of the town ever since it was released on Amazon Prime this year. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Tandav is one of the best Hindi shows you can watch in 2021. And if you want to join in on the discussion around this show, then it’s definitely suggested you watch it first! 

Tandav at first glance looks like your average political thriller drama. It has power-hungry politicians and naive wide-eyed idealists who want to bring positive change to the country. But as it’s said, power corrupts. Will it corrupt even the beacons of morality? If you want to watch a show that can leave you with uncomfortable truths, Tandav is for you.

4. LOL: Hasse Toh Phasse 

Are you craving for some good Hindi comedy show that is different and not the usual soap opera with romance story shoved in? Then Amazon Prime will give you a pure comedy experience this year with its latest show, LOL: Hasse Toh Phasse! 

Ten Indian comic artists are assigned a challenge. Make your contenders (and audience) laugh. If a contender laughs, it’s game over for them and they get eliminated. The last one remaining is crowned the LOL. Which here means the Last one laughing, and not laughing out loud, just so you know. But this show is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud with its comic stand-up acts! 

5. Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 2 

The line ‘Chacha vidhayak hain humare’ (My uncle is an MLA!) is often used as a pass to get out of any trouble in India. Did you get caught by traffic police for speeding? Just say your uncle’s an MLA and you’ll be let off without a fine! But as that story of the lying boy and the wolf goes, saying a lie can get you only so far in life. 

Ronny (played by Zakir Khan) is the nephew of a local MLA and an upcoming political youth leader himself. Everyone respects him for this, but there’s just one catch. All of it is a lie! Ronny just like any other average bloke in India is just a jobless dude who happens to share a surname with a politician. Will this lie finally get him in hot water? Watch chacha vidhayak hain humare on Amazon prime to find out! 

6. Hush Hush 

Now it’s time to talk about the upcoming series on Amazon prime that will release in the rest of 2021. And on the top of the list of the upcoming shows is ‘Hush Hush’. Amazon prime has said little about this show yet, keeping the audience in surprise, but we’ll tell you everything that is known yet! 

If you love Amazon Prime’s Four More Shots of Vodka, then you will love Hush Hush. With an all-women cast both off and on the screen, Hush Hush is a show about women telling women stories. For too long women have been kept “hush hush” about the stories they want to tell, but maybe this show will be a trailblazer in encouraging more female lead cast in shows. With a powerful star cast that includes national award winner Juhi Chawala’s digital debut, Hush Hush is definitely a show you should look forward to this 2021! 

7. Mumbai Diaries 26/11 

If you have not already watched the teaser of Mumbai Diaries 26/11, then we suggest you do it now and then come back and read the rest of it. Because trust us, you need to watch it to realize just how great Amazon Prime’s next upcoming Hindi web show is going to be! 

26/11 is a day etched into every Indian’s mind and soul. It is the day when Mumbai’s terror attacks took place. We all remember the sacrifice our soldiers made, and all the lives we lost that tragic day.

But not many of them remember the people behind the scenes who worked tirelessly to save lives: the medical staff. But that’s just how our doctors are, aren’t they? They work without asking for any tribute or recognition in return. 

But with Amazon Prime’s Mumbai Diaries 26/11, we’ll finally know what happened behind the scene in the hospital where countless victims of the attack fought against death. With Mohit Raina from the popular TV show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev as the leading man, this show is something that should not be missed by you when it comes out! 

It’s been a slow year and we know everyone has been spending a lot of time streaming all the good web shows they can find on the internet. This unfortunately also means that we run out of shows faster than anticipated. But don’t worry. We’ll make sure you always have a list of web shows ready to watch for the next weekend! With so many exciting shows coming up on Amazon Prime, there’s no way you can be left bored on any weekend!